Oops, I forgot your card...

I started worrying about Turbo Dog yesterday. What normal healthy male willingly turns off the Three Stooges in order to watch golf? Then it hit me…today is his birthday! He must be finally outgrowing the Stooges. Since I didn’t get him a card or anything, he’ll have to consider this small public humilation a token of my affection. [sub]He hates a big deal made out of his birthday. Neener neener.[/sub]
Turbo Dog,I love you honey…and do you want the traditional blowjob for your gift, as usual?

Let the spanking commence.

Happy Birthday, Turbo! If I had known I woulda got you a card. (who the hell am I foolin? I wouldn’t have even thought about it, but Happy Birthday anyway, jarhead).

Um, my birthday just passed recently too.

For his birthday, perhaps you should consider an EXOTIC blowjob, rather than a TRADITIONAL blowjob. I mean, he only gets one birthday a year, right?

And we all know that when you’re married you rarely get sex anyway, right?

So you ought to make it EXTRA-special!

[sub]'scuse me, it’s going to take me a while to get my tongue out of my cheek.[/sub]

Awwwww… are you all so sweet. Thanks.

Yes, my sweet, that would be acceptable. I’m glad that for once you didn’t make any sort of spectacle of it… (cranky old guy groan). We can discuss the options later:)

JeffB… you have to spend at least a weekend with her during PMS to earn one :slight_smile:

UncleBill, it’s quite okay. You owe me a hummer now though… Oorah baby:)

Ham… Any hummer is an exotic hummer. I’m THAT easy. And I’ll be seeing you later…:wink:

Thanks again:)

Turbo, the only hummer you’d get from me is the HMMWV kind.

But you knew that.

Happy b-day! Hope its a good one! [sub]Is she talking about the BJ or the day? The Shadow knows.[/sub]

Happiest of birthday’s, Turbo Dog!

Hope you enjoy the day, your present and your cake. I’d send my specialty, chocolate mousse pie, but I don’t think it would get there soon enough not to give you food poisoning. Sorry…but it’s the thought that counts, right?


…raises hand… ummm can I borrow the Pussy Snorkel™?

Happy Birthday, Turbo Dog!

[sub]Damn, Tequila, I thought I had invented the Birthday Blowjob[sup]TM[/sup][/sub]

If you’re right about the marriage thing, than any blowjob is an exotic blowjob.