Opal, I don't even know you

But for some reason, while typing an email today, I was typing a list of things to a friend of mine and had nothing to say in number three, so so I put “Hi, Opal!” instead. Then, realizing that my friend would have no idea who Opal is, I changed it to “There is no number three, I just hate lists with only two things on them”.

I think I’m reading this board too much.


Hi, UncleBeer!


That’s hilarious :smiley:

– OpalCat
the only biological internet virus

That’s very funny, because:

  1. I found myself doing that myself a few days ago, in an email to a friend
  2. I left it in there, just to see what the reaction was!


Hmm… I think I should have said “myself” once more there, just to be sure.

Or, you’re not reading here enough.

Ack. That’ll teach me to post without reading every single thread. What the hell is wrong with me? :wink: