Open apology to all posters who had read my posts from 5PM yesterday to 6 PM today

My younger brother, who had been visiting, had gotten on my computer and wrecked utter havoc with my message board accounts. This apology goes out to everyone who was unfortunate enough to read the effluent that my brother had been uttering in my name.

Enormous apologies go out to Biggirl, Guinastasia, Lynn Bodoni, ** and ** Anthracite.

Huge thanks to Ice Wolf who replied to my first query about this situation and was kind enough to explain to other dopers in the pit what happened :slight_smile:

Wow, that really bites. Glad to hear everything’s cleared up, though. I was trying to figure out what caused such a sudden behavior shift and starting to worry that you were suffering from depression.

About this younger brother, just how old is he? I recommend locking the keyboard away next time he comes for a visit.

You are most welcome, Incubus. :slight_smile:

Hey-it’s okay Incubus! That REALLY sucks.

If you want suggestions on how to pay back your brother, we’re here to help.


Why, that little… Tell 'im we said he’s a little jag.

Now I’m glad I didn’t call you all kinds of nasty names. No problem Incubus.

Bad luck Incubus, but I have to say on behalf of younger brothers everywhere you probably deserved it :wink:

Cheers, Bippy

That happened to me once, years ago. I’d not logged out and someone ( in the library) got on the Straight DOpe ("I thought I was the only one!) and posted something by me.
I now know to LOG OUT!

Heh, I remember this happening before when out of the blue “F*ck” started showing up for all of a well-regarded poster’s replies.

BTW, every time I said something stupid it really was my little brother posting, not me. :slight_smile:

Me too.

[sub]And don’t let the fact that I am the youngest of four children stop you from believing that, okay? PLEASE? :slight_smile: )[/sub]

Whoa. I must have said something bad to mirror-world Incubus, or he said something bad to me. :wink: Either way, good to have you back. :slight_smile: