Open hunting on police now

I am saddened and heartbroken on the open hunting of the police. Re: the cold blooded shootings of the two transport deputies in Compton. The celebrations of the shootings by BLM , recording themselves laughing, blocking the emergency entrance. While I’m ranting, Lancaster, PA! The guy had a knife chasing police officer! WTF!

No matter how horrible the police are (and make no mistake they are horrible) no one deserves to be killed.
Worst of all it’s put me on neener-neener’s side.
Whoa us me!

Cite for this?

There is video of a handful of protesters outside the ER actively cheering for the deaths of the injured deputies. It’s sickening.

But, as to evidence that they were affiliated with BLM beyond just being Black themselves…apparently, some pundits have baldly asserted that the individuals were BLM protesters. That’s it.

Also, the sheriff claimed that “crowds” of protesters tried to block the entrance to the ER, but the available video only shows a handful of individuals.

They had flags, chanting no justice no peace.

There are SOME bad police. Not ALL police are bad.

Even the bad police should be dealt with by the legal system not murdered. There’s no justification for murder.

Open hunting on the police is bad, as is the vice versa where the police open hunt American citizens. I condemn both because all lives matter, right OP?

A member of the press saw all of this. She was clearly identified by her credentials. The police attacked her, beat her up, and arrested her. When multiple videos surfaced supporting the reporter and refuting the police version, she was released without charges. Then the policed clammed up.

Who besides you has declared open hunting of the police?

And yet you’re more than happy to generalize that if a few assholes were cheering outside the hospital, they represent the BLM movement?

Now, now… it’s a well-established conservative fact that only liberal hypocrisy is to be scorned and admonished, or even acknowledged at all.

As I understand, she did not explain that she was of the press, and did not show her credentials.

The gang that dominates the Compton division of LASD is called “the Executioners”. This is a street gang composed of official uniformed Sheriff’s Deputies who draw a salary from the LASD – one of several gangs in the deputies contingent.

So, as wonderful and sweet as these people may have been, they are not even any more laudable than Crips or Bloods.

Holy shit.

That’s what the cops said. The cops are lying.

Did you get that understanding by not reading the article linked in the post to which you replied?

I should note that I do not advocate shooting at any gang members who are not already shooting in your general direction, much less uniformed deputies.

You people are pathetic.

And you are a racist fuckwad, so I guess it balances out.