'Open in new MINIMIZED window' WIN right click menu question

I frequently use the right click menu in win 98 to open a web page in a new window so I can still look at my original web page and maybe i’d open a few more. By the time I’m done, all the pages are loaded and I just click on them at the task bar to view.

When I do this, Win puts it on top of my current web page and i must manually hit the minimize key to bring it down to the taskbar - is there a way to tell win to open it but keep it miminized?

I use this frequently with the SDMD as sometimes it has very long load times. I will read a forum and right click all topics that intrest me to open them in new windows, then I read them one at a time. I started doing this w/ 56k (maybe even 28.8) and I still find it useful w/ a DSL connection as the web sites themselves are often slow.

Sorry Mod’s but I had to give this a bump as I really would like to know if it is possible. This will be the only bump I will give it.
I promise

I have also been looking for a method of doing this very thing. As of yet, I have not found a method of doing it automatically, but if you have one hand on the keyboard while you are surfing, there is a quick keyboard shortcut to minimize a window. Once the new window opens, just tap the Alt key, then spacebar, then the letter “n” in rapid succession. It works quite well, and I find it less distracting then clicking minimize on the new window.

If I find a way to coax Windows into doing this automatically, I will share it with you.

If you hold shift and leftclick on a link in Internet Explorer it opens automaticly in a new window. It doesn’t open minimized though but it speeds up the process.