Open Source / Freeware Flash (SD) Drive Recovery

Does anyone now of any open source or free flash file recovery software?

Googling only finds expensive shareware. I did find a linux open source (Flashback) but it uses mono and is giving me a hell of time on the compile.

Windows or linux applications welcome.



Is $35 expensive for you? If not, download Image Recall from Flash Fixers if it is image files you’re trying to recover. I believe they have a free demo, so you can even see first if the program will recover your files or not.

This what I use when a CF card occasionally goes wonky (and it’s even worked on a bad burn of an image DVD) and is worth every penny.

I just came across this today, and it is free:

Awesome, thanks. It’s only 8% done and has already recoverd 42 images.

Another note: If you’re using the cards just against a linux machine, you should get YAFFS or JFFS2 and reformat the cards. By default they’re FAT32 partitioned, which means that if a single sector (page) goes bad, you’re hosed and the card is trash. YAFFS and JFFS2 will continue to work around the broken areas. But of course, anything that is expecting the card to be in FAT32 won’t be able to access it.

Note that sectors go bad only during a write, so you also don’t need to worry that you’ll lose data. YAFFS and JFFS2 both verify the data after the write, and if the sector died, it rewrites the data elsewhere on the disk.