Open Source Modular Video Game Code?

Thinking about a practical joke…

I’d like to end up with a simple video game (flash/java) in which the character runs at the bottom of the screen with a basket trying to catch falling objects, i.e., apples. Perhaps with an occasional appearance of something else (oranges) falling that has to be avoided. If you miss an apple or get hit by an orange you lose a life.

Very simple game and I’ve seen variations of it in lots of places.

What I want is to have a personalized version of this where the character is a specific person (I’m thinking a photo head attached to a cartoon body) and the apples and oranges be tailored to fit the person, e.g., broccoli and steak for a vegetarian.

I’d love to start with the basic skeleton of the game and then edit the graphic features, i.e., different character, objects, background etc.). Does such a thing exist? Does it even make sense from a programming standpoint? Essentially an open source modular video game. I’m not sure how easy it is to make these changes.

The game itself is not important. The point is to make a known individual the character.

Any suggestions of where to start, how long it might take. I can code but its not my main job. I’d even consider commissioning some one to do it if the cost is not huge.

Again, I don’t want a NEW game per se, but to cheaply adapt existing code.

IAAP - (I am a programmer)

Are you talking about a game framework that lets you customize the content (e.g. characters, items)?

I think Quake 1 (PC game ca. 1996) might be of interest. I believe the engine itself was open sourced (but not the content), so you could write your own content, and Quake includes its own development language and it is a client/server game. I’ve not actually done any development on that platform but I’m pretty sure you can customize textures, game rules, and maps.

Maybe you can modify this game using PyGame (a python game library.)

>Are you talking about a game framework that lets you customize the content (e.g. > characters, items)?

Yes, Quake is what I was thinking of but at a vastly more simple scale. Mostly trying to see if such a thing exists or even makes sense.

For example, imagine taking this version of the pinkslip game and substituting your friends for the employees…It would be FUN

Tools for all levels of experience.

Game construction kits.

I can’t really recommend one because I haven’t used any of them in years.

Thanks…this is a good source. If anyone else has specific suggestions I’m happy to hear them.

This sounds simple enough as a short little project. I’m a .net guy so I’m mostly familiar with silverlight and stand alone windows apps (c++, c#), but I know some flash (AS3).

I’d be happy to help you code it if you’re feeling adventurous.