Opening .vit file etc.

My friend has a program from ValuSoft for making business cards. When she saved her finished card, it saves it in a .vit file and I need to know how to tell her to convert that to a jpeg file so she can take it to a print shop and have it printed. Also, does anyone have any idea how to get an image of off the disc so she can put it as the background on her webpage?

I think I know but I’d like some confirmation.

Well, since the program can print, I’d probably just use PDFCreator (open source) to print it to a jpeg. Assuming, of course, that the program can’t save to any other file format natively.

What I’m reading seems to indicate that .vit is usually just a bitmap file, and, if so, you could even convert in MSPaint. I don’t know for sure about that, though. Rename it as a .bmp and see if it will open.

I’m actually kind of surprised that the print shop wants it in jpeg format. Usually they want a TIFF or PDF.

OK, it’s not a vit. It’s actually a vis file. She doesn’t have a printer or Internet & she needs to take it to a print shop. It seems like it won’t open without the program running. It seems there has to be a way to convert it.

If you can’t find any more elegant way, have her open the document in the program, hit Alt-Print Screen, paste it into MS Paint, crop the unwanted portions, and save it as a .jpg.

I’ll set her on that. Sounds like it should work!

If you open up the file in a text editor, and copy the first few bytes I can check if it a known file format disguised as a .vis file.
You can try copying the file and renaming it to .jpg, .png and such. If it works, great! (Same as BigT suggests!)
If the program uses some sort of vector graphics we lose information by printing/screen capture.

Here’s what it says if I open it in Notepad:

CAD-KAS Visitenkarten-Designer 2.0 †§WÊS@ ŠcfI@†§WÊS@ ŠcfI@ *10 Cards (letter format) 3,50 in x 2,00 in ¿ ÀÔ F:\clipart\borders and backgrounds\BND009.GIF ð?UUUUUUa@ ?ú õÈ Ë ( ÿÿÿ @ @ @ @ [Title] [First Name] [Last Name]
[Profession] àÿÿÿMonotype Corsiva Uû
þ Ë ( ÿÿÿ @ @ @ @ [Street]
[Zip] [City]
<Phone private 1> [Phone private 1]
<FAX private> [FAX private] íÿÿÿMonotype Corsiva M å e e ðÿÿÿTimes New Roman Ÿ9 UÔ e e ðÿÿÿTimes New Roman ’

Unfortunately, it looks like some proprietary format, it doesn’t seem to match any magic numbers that I know…
Strange how we see “CAD-KAS Visitenkarten-Designer”, and no mention of Valusoft.
Looks like the output file from something like

The file looks like it is not using vector graphics so you wont lose much if you take a screenshot.
I think it might be easiest to go with BigT’s way.

Sorry, couldn’t help you… <hangs head in shame>

She’s hit PrintScrn and nothing happens.

Yes, that is the expected behavior.

And then what happened when she ran mspaint and hit Paste?