Operation Black Sheep!

Is there or was there ever such a thing called the Operation Black Sheep and if there was or is what is it all about?

JeDi 0nLiNe

sau, could you give a little more detail? I mean, I’m going to get a shower and head off to church, and I can call that Operation Black Sheep if it helps.

Seriously, what sort of operation are you thinking of, when and where?

They was a TV show about Operation Black Sheep during WW2, in the South Pacific. It stared Robert Conrand. Don’t know if the show was based on anything.

The Black Sheep TV show was about Gregory “Pappy” Boyington and the men of VMF-214, a Marine fighter squadron during WWII. Not about any operation.

They are airing the tv show on the history channel now. Occasionally they have commentary in the commercial breaks where they relate the show to the real event it is based on, and sometimes they explain the differences between the real history and the tv version (gosh, sometimes they are different?!)

They were called the black sheep squadron. I think its because they did the dirty jobs no one else wanted to do or something like that, but that’s my memory from watching the tv show as a boy so that could be wrong. As was previously mentioned, it was their name, not the name of an operation.