Operation Flashpoint online

Anyone out there play Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis online? I love that game, but there don’t appear to be very many games going on. At least using GameSpy Arcade. Are there other ways to find an internet game? One thing I thought of is that maybe all the gamers out there are playing with the expansion packs (Resistence and Red Hammer I believe). Do I need to go out and buy these in order to have some online fun?


I’ve heard that nobody likes to play Operation Flashpoint online because the network code really sucks. There are a lot of Operation Flashpoint fans playing Battlefield 1942 for their multiplayer fix, apparently it has some things in common with O.F., but is less realistic in many ways. The Desert Combat mod for BF1942 may be more to your liking, it’s a free download that has modern American, Soviet, and Iraqi weaponry, and the different vehicles and weapon characteristics make it play much differently than the original BF1942, even though it uses the same maps for now.


Operation: Flashpoint = one of the most underrated games ever.

BTW - If you don’t have the Resistance pack, get it!

I’ve been meaning to, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Are there many people playing online with it?

Do I have ANY alternatives to gamespy arcade?

My friends and I play. It’s a great game. But we mostly play LAN games. The one time we tried to play directly online, we had terrible problems with folks losing connection to the game. And this was with cable modems.

Is there going to be a Flashpoint 2?