Operation Phony Friendly fails.

So, as some here may know, I do tech support. Both of the email and the phone variety. One thing that was brought to my attention is that I tend to have a brusque tone in my email communication. I had been asked to adopt a friendlier and more personal touch.

I have been trying, really trying to do this. For the most part it has been nothing more than a “I’m sorry that you are having this problem” at the start, and closing with a “Hope this helps and that you are having a good day”.

For the most part, people seem to have actually been responding favorably. The overall tone seems better. But today, a customer wrote back and told me that this was very annoying at the end of a tech support email.

And hell, I find this sort of hurtful. Not only that, but I am annoyed at how hurt this makes me. I am also pretty steamed, because I did not want to do this crap in the first place. I think that it is pretty much syrupy junk and unnecessary.

I think that this is because there is a certain amount of method acting going on here. In order to pull off seeming to care, I have to lower defenses a bit. I am guessing that in dealing with the general public that this is a bad plan.

For the most part, I find the general public small minded, petty and mean. I got to thinking, is there anyone out there that is exposed to the general public that finds this not to be so. I have done retail, food service and tech support and so far this has been my experience.

I don’t usually deal with the general public… just producers & they are an entirely different breed.

Perhaps the customer was annoyed by the fact that you “hope they are having a good day.” If they were having a good day they wouldn’t be contacting you. May I suggest “I hope your day goes better”.

Don’t take it personally. It’s a job helping people who already have problems. Try not to let theirs become yours,

Yes, it’s the “hope you’re having a good day” that’s the problem. It sounds as phony as it is. Just say, “I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.” and leave it at that.

Still, don’t stress out too much at your customer’s response. They’re probably having a miserable day – they’re hot, tired, and whatever it is you’re supporting isn’t working, so without thinking about it too much they sent you a cranky email. Just do the following, reply to the customer as follows:

 Dear customer,

     As you know, we try in every way to be responsive to your desires.    We are very sorry you find our personal touches to be annoying.   We will correct this in the future.    We hope this helps and that you are having a good day.



What do they want you to do, kiss them? Forget about it. All customer service pleasantries are going to sound phony, and there’s not a thing you can say that someone wouldn’t take wrong.

Think about it this way, Binarydrone… how much time must this person have had on his or her hands to write and bitch at you for wishing them a nice day? That’s just sad!

Try ending your next message to this person, should you correspond again, with “now piss off and figure it out your own damn self next time!”


Finagle, that was hilarious.