Opinions needed on this phone skin idea.

I’m making custom skins for my new Instinct with Skinit, and I need y’all’s input on a possible color issue with two art pieces that I really want to combine into one skin. Picture and more details are here:


From what I can tell on my monitor, the colour schemes look pretty good together. I think the contrast of the two designs work very well, both in terms of the colour and the design. Your phone is going to look really good.

That being said, because I’m very particular about colour, if it was me, I would probably try to adjust the red of the blood to match the red of the front piece (or vice versa). I would also try to adjust the dark part on the front piece to match either the dark background on the back (my first choice) or Bush’s suit.

However, if the colours are as close in real life as they appear online, I don’t know that any of my suggestions are all that necessary. If the two designs aren’t actually going to be touching, I would think adjusting the colours is even less of an issue.

Because the reds are dark, and match the blood “theme” implied by the Alex Ross painting, I think they match well. Red and cyan are good complementary colours anyway (Lady Liberty is painted in cyan tones).

It’s too dated. A few months from now, someone will look at it and ask, “who’s the old guy?” If you can photoshop, perhaps use Hillary Clinton instead?


I like it and think it would hold up pretty well from a coordination standpoint. The issue I have is a somewhat aesthetic one, I think the field of stars on the front flag should be blue or close to it, having it red matching the stripes/barcode makes no sense to me and considering how much of the image is lost in the cutouts making it look more like the actual flag will help it be recognizable.

All-in-all, excellent idea though.

I hope not. The very idea behind using this skin now (other than that I just think it looks cool) is to remind us that we’ve recently come from a very dark place as a nation and that we are doomed to repeat our mistakes if we do not learn from them.

People still say that “only Nixon could visit China” and talk about “Reaganomics”. Bush is still President, fercrissakes. We would do well to remember the problems we immediately face as a nation as a result of his reign, like the lost civil liberties that the Obama administration will have to work like dogs to restore. Not to mention that, with rumors of a Clinton State Department and a Holder Justice Department flying about, the honeymoon may end before it begins.


The only issue is that the flag is all one color because it’s supposed to be a barcode, and I don’t want to compromise that message.

My opinion about the skin is not about color, but about layout. Please don’t stretch the back picture vertically to fit the phone. Cropping the original pic to fit would look a lot more professional and less “Oops, I stretched instead of resizing!”

Actually, I didn’t stretch it vertically; I shrunk it vertically and shrunk it a lot more horizontally.

I’ll play around with it, though, and see what it gets me.

Normally I’d agree with you, but in this case if you crop a picture like that, you wouldn’t get to see any of it. You’d be left with a finger and an eye and part of a wrinkle. I don’t think it matters too much.

OK, here it is resized evenly and cropped substantially:

Hostile, that’s really cool, but I’ve got to ask; have you used this before? The reason is because I have (got it from my Coke Rewards program) and I absolutely hate it. It’s basically just a, in my humble opinion, a glorified sticker and doesn’t stay on very well with all the peeling around the edges. If it hadn’t have been free, there’s no way I’d have paid that much for one.

Of course, if you’ve bought one before and had great luck, then please just disregard me and I’ll go back to appreciating your skills. :slight_smile:

Ah, big improvement.

I hope the sticky cover works out, too.

Huh. No, I haven’t used Skinit before. Thanks for the input. As far as you know, is anyone else doing something like this?

By the way, I thought a skin was something you slid your phone into and could take off and replace with a different one. I guess I was wrong about that…?

See, that’s what I thought when I went about getting one and I swear, I was shocked as all get out upon arrival. Here’s the link that I went through, since I’m not sure if that’s the exact one you’re using (although I think it is). As to anyone else using something like what we envisioned, I have no idea. The image in my head though, was similar to the effect they use on cars. Is that what you were thinking too?

By Googling, I found several sites that had reviews. Here’s one in particular that addresses some of the problems with covering a cell phone. I personally think they’d do better on laptops, but perhaps the issue lies with operator (me) error. You’d probably do a better job than I did, so I’ll let you decide. :slight_smile:

I’m going through Sprint to get there; they cost about $15 a pop.

I have no idea what you mean.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. It looks like thorough cleaning is essential. I don’t mean to accuse you of not doing it right, but just so I know how to parse your review, can you remember if/how you cleaned your phone before putting the skin on?

There’s a difference between a skin and a cover, and some people split meanings of “skin”. Some skins are a rubbery… skin that your phone slips into.

Other skins, like the one you are going to get, are more decals. You stick them onto your phone. The ones I’ve gotten (from decal girl) are nice because they stick nicely but don’t leave adhesive gumminess. I then put a clear case over the decal so you can see it but I still have my iPhone actually protected.

Much better. Stretched images look awful, IMHO.

Oh, cool! Thanks for the tip. Looks like they do custom work too, although they don’t have the fancy auto-generator thing. I’ll also have to convince them to waive the rule against using copyrighted work (I’m working on getting the artists’ permission).

zweisamkeit explained what I meant better than I could. Sorry for the confusion.

Oh gosh, that’s been so long ago. I have a hard time usually remembering what I had for dinner the night before, so please forgive my lack of an answer. :frowning: Regardless, I’m sure you can probably count on the fact that I did do something wrong in the application, so you should go ahead in the best way you’ve determined. I’m sure some of those reviews out there could help you a ton better than I can anyway.

Good luck!