Opinions on PayPal

I’m curious to hear opinions on PayPal. I’ve been looking at moving money back and forth between my brother, sister, and parents, all in different countries, but mostly predominantly between Canada and the US.

Has anyone encountered problems such as freezing of accounts? Or weird hidden fees, so far everything seems free.


I’ve used it a bit, mostly ebay stuff, generally positive experiences.

Only fees I’ve encountered so far are for receiving funds off a major credit card. They made me upgrade to a ‘merchant account’ when I sold my old palmpilot, and also took a cut of the total amount. (sigh.)

Did Paypal take a cut or did Ebay? How much of a “cut” are we talking about? Also, how much were the fees for receiving funds from a credit card? Have you ever used PayPal to transfer funds to another PayPal account?

I’ve had a lot of trouble with PayPal over addresses.
Be really sure you have everything working, and send or buy some small things requiring an address before you put a lot of money in.

In my case, they let me put money in but then wouldn’t release it becasuse “your address does not match your Visa card’s address of record.”
This was simply false, as I was copying the address directly from my statement.
Eventually I kept trying different address variations and discovered that it had to do with how I abbreviated the word suite and what line of the address it appeared on - they only accepted it when it was on a different position than on my statement. But it took weeks to sort out, and in the meantime I had to buy directly with another card and cancel the first order.
A real headache.

I’ve only used them for eBay. I used up my $1500 limit with the debit card without problem, and then they would only let me continue if I gave them access to my bank account. I have read so much about people who had their accounts frozen or worse by Paypal, and they had no recourse and the company was so hard to reach and unreasonable to deal with, that I decided there was nothing that could make me go through that. So I just quit using both Paypal and eBay.

Both… ebay takes their cut for displaying your ‘lot’ and managing the auction. Paypal takes their cut for handling the money.

I don’t remember what it was offhand. the Canadian fee schedule says that for small credit card payments, it’s 2.9% plus $0.55 canadian per payment, and that sounds about like what I remember.

I hope this info helps.