Opinions on this chicken broth.

Hi, I’ve been a lurker for a good while and this is my first thread.

For the past 6 months or so, I have really gotten into making homemade soup.

Usually, I bake a roasting hen, fryer, goose, or whatever poultry that interests me
at the time. After eating what I want, I pick the meat off, freeze the bones and stuff, till I have Enough for a nice broth.

A month or so ago, I grilled 2 split fryers over charcoal, had a nice smoke flavor,
and did the same with the leftovers. Picked, froze. Currently I am boiling the the 2 fryer carcasses along with a hen carcass.

Were I to use the broth to make a soup, I would probably have about 1/2 gallon of broth. Not a weak broth either mind you.

SO, this broth in the making has quite a noticeable smoke flavor. In the readers
opinion, would this soup be good, or interesting. I do not recall eating a smoke flavored soup. Gumbo is a different story. A chicken and sausage gumbo has a
strong smoke and roux flavor.

Any opinions or suggestions will be appreciated, such as reducing and using as in say smothered chicken. I do skim the fat off of the broth when it cools off.

I’ve had that happen, and I simply make a bean soup or cooked beans as a side dish with the smoky stock. Saves me having to use up a ham hock, too!

Yeah, something with beans would be good with that. Chili, even, or split pea.

I’d go with beans, too. I use chicken broth as the cooking liquid for beans anyway, and I’d probably add less ham or bacon if my chicken broth was smoky already.

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You might try chicken tortilla soup or white chicken chili. The smokiness would add an interesting flavor.

I decided to go with the chili, and it was great!

Further reduced the smoke flavored broth until it measured about 24 ounces. Skimmed the fat off of it, as I am watching those calories. Used about 2 pounds of 93/7 ground meat, chili powder other essentials, plus 6 fresh tomatoes.

I was really impressed with the results. thanks for all the replies.

I had a roasted vegetable soup from room service once upon a time, and it was INCREDIBLY good. The veggies had been grilled and were placed in a lightly seasoned broth. Your smoky chicken broth would have been perfect!