What to make with smokey chicken stock?

A couple weeks ago a friend who happens to own a BBQ restaurant gave me a pile of carcasses left over from his smoked chicken. I was like :dubious: but went ahead and made stock with them.

The result: a pretty good stock with a slight smokeyness to it. The smoke is enough to tell, but it’s not overpowering or anything. In the right recipe, it could be really good.

Problem is, I’m having trouble thinking up the “right” recipes. So far I’ve got:

Corn Chowder (I already made this and it was wonnnderful)
Could be interesting in Chili

And that’s it. What else could be good with a bit of smokey chickeny essence in it?

I would guess any type of bean soup would work well.

You could also braise greens (collards, shard, mustard greens, etc.) in it.

I’d use it in a rice pilaf for a change of pace. Maybe with some peas tossed in at the end and diced ham or crumbled bacon. Okay, that sort of turned into a casserole as I went along, didn’t it? Happens in my kitchen all the time… :smiley:

Tortilla soup is pretty good with a smoky quality.

Potato soup would work there.

Boil some potatoes in it, puree, and finish with a little cream (milk if you’re fat conscious), garnish with a bit of sausage, chicken, or crumbled bacon.

With Thanksgiving on the way, maybe you could brine the turkey in it. Smoky turkey, mmm!

I had a recipe for alfredo sauce. It started with chicken broth, add some parmesan and some cream (or substitute milk), cook down, then thicken with corn starch/water.

I made chicken pot pie with smoky chicken stock and it was SO DAMN TASTY.

I make a pork and lentil soup that would be great with smokey chicken stock. I toss the following into a large crockpot and cook on low until the lentils are soft (a few hours):

3-4 c chicken or beef broth
1-2 c shredded pork or cubed ham (cooked)
1 c lentils
1/2 c brown rice
1-2 c chopped carrots
1 med onion, chopped
whatever seasonings you like – a couple of soup seasoning cubes or salt, for example

There will be very little liquid when this is done, btw, so if you like soupy soup either increase the stock, decrease the lentils and rice, or partially pre-cook the lentils and rice so they don’t absorb as much stock. I don’t suggest the pre-cooking, though, because one of the reasons this is yummy is that the lentils soak up the flavors.

Using it in any any casserole or hotdish that contains sausage would be a win, IMHO.

Pilaf is a good suggestion. It’s good for refritos as well and can substitute for chipotle (OK, not really ) for those who don’t like the pepper heat, provided the preparation requires some liquid.

I don’t let those people into my house.

Great suggestions, all! Keep 'em coming!

Wasn't a deal breaker for the wife. Oh well, live 'n learn.