Opposites attract!

Looking back at the women who have shown interest in me, I am starting to see some patterns emerge. Funny thing is that I often attract women who are quite different than me.

They - empathetic, spiritual, emotional
Me - Not very emotional. Not spiritual at all. I can be empathetic, but I don’t always express it.

They - Artistic and creative. In touch with theater, fiction, indie music, etc. Tattoos, piercings, and sometimes colored hair.
Me - Down to earth. Prefer sports, video games, beer drinking. Dresses in button-downs, solid color t-shirts, and polos.

They - extremely open-minded. Has visited many countries. Has tried every drug in the book. Has dated and befriended people of various backgrounds. Speak more than one language.
Me - Also open-minded, but has lacked the opportunity to do a lot of stuff.

They - Non-Materialistic.
Me - I love money and toys!

They - Extremely non-racist.
Me - Also non-racist, but I tell a LOT of racially insensitive jokes. Confused as a racist. Held racist views in the past.

Hmmm it looks like I have to change my game, in order to hold these women’s attention. :smack:

Differences are good inasmuch as they compliment one another. Don’t change too much, but find someone where the differences are mutually interesting and compatible with one another :slight_smile:

Kudos on a not insane or bizarre OP, btw, Diamonds.


For the umpteenth time: Get a blog.

Saying nice things about each other is always helpful. When differences complement each other things work out even better.

This is utterly inappropriate for MPSIMS. You’ve been around long enough to know better. I have given you a warning for being a jerk.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I was not anticipating such a warning. But ok. I’ll keep such opinions to myself in the future. My apologies.

For some reason it seems relationship wisdom is to find someone as similar to yourself as possible for a happy relationship, bah! Every time I have dated someone close to myself in personality I have been annoyed and bored.

Or maybe not play any games. If she likes who you are and you like who she is, great. But what’s the point of pushing the relationship if you’ve got to pretend to be something you’re not?