Oprah, billionaire, blacks etc

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Oprah was on the way to becoming the world’s first black billionaire. When I tell people this they all say people like Bill Cosby must be ahead of her. Does anyone have the SD.

I can’t recall where I read this but the jist of it seems to be it was ironic that the first black billionaire would be a woman.

I’d imagine that Michael Jordan is ahead of both of them. He made several million a year just from basketball, and endorsed around thrity products.

I was under the impression that many African rulers were extremely rich. Newsweek said that Nigeria’s late dictator probably had about 40 billion stashed away.

I think Oprah is in a whole 'nother league than Cosby and Jordan. Why? Because runs an extensive business empire. Her show is important, and I’m sure that she makes beau-coup bucks offa that, but her real money comes from her production companies and I don’t know what else. I know Jordan has some investments, but I don’t think that his evon come close to Oprahs!

It’s late and my pea brain is ready for bed…but something in the back keeps whispering “Johnson…Johnson.”
The publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines. One of the main investors in cable channels that aim at black interests.
For every millionaire showbiz person there’s a number of bigger millionaires we never hear of. This goes for all races and creeds.

Shes only worth that much on paper. Stocks, that is.

She can’t be the first black Billionaire, maybe black woman.

Interesting, Martha Stewarts’ first stock offerering approached $1B.

Markxxx, the article you read probably was only speaking of american billionaires. (Many american articles tend to ignore the rest of the world.) I agree with Lawmill in that there are probably African rules with larger fortunes. This page mentions Mobutu Sese Seko’s estimated US$4 billion (not forty billion) fortune in Swiss banks.

As far as Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby being richer, Forbes magazine disagrees. I looked up the Forbes 400 richest people in America list.

Here are the results for Oprah Winfrey
Rank 348
Winfrey, Oprah
Inheritance: Self-made
Source: Television
Net worth: $725 (mil)

By doing a search using Forbes 400 richest people in America - search I found no one with last name Jordan or last name Cosby.

How the hell would Bill Cosby have ever become a billionaire? Do you really think that he made that much off of show business?

Why not? Oprah did.

Green Bean is right. Harpo, Oprah’s production company (get it? Harpo is Oprah backwards) is a mega-corp, in fact it’s really a conglomerate: Harpo Entertainment Group consists of Harpo Productions, Harpo Films, and Harpo Video. They make her TV show (of course), films, TV specials, and are heavily invested in the Oxygen cable network (targets female viewers).

This isn’t new, by the way. Oprah’s been a big money player for many years, consistantly beating out the likes of Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby.

Harpo? You must mean King World Productions. That’s where the money is.

Bill Cosby doesn’t & never did, make anywhere near $1B. Besides he is not a public stock.

Harpo is Oprah’s production company. They produce the show. King World Syndicates it.
Here is one of many bios on Oprah from the internet. From it:

Good points about the foreigners but aren’t most of the African dictators listed just stealing the money. How many of them earned it? And if so is it like the Queen of England. A very rich woman but less so once you seperate the assets that are hers from that which is England’s.

I’d have to agree that they are stealing. Nigeria has some of the largest oil deposits in the world, but most citizens live in poverty.

However, many Arab rulers are among the richest people in the world, and they don’t exactly earn the money either, they just had the luck to be born to the previous ruler.

At one time, Bill Cosby was the highest-paid entertainer in the U.S., with an annual income of around $50 million. Remember, that show of his on NBC was a top-rated anchor program for nearly a decade. In his old age, however, he’s just not rakin’ it in like he used to. Still, I’m sure he’s worth a tidy sum, just not enough to put him on the ‘top’ lists anymore.