Oprahs's Fave Things. How are they taken home?

Having watched yesterday’s Oprah’s favorite things made me wonder how the guests get all of the stuff home. Yesterday’s haul probably wasn’t too difficult because it seemed like everything they got would fit in the J. Crew bag; however, I seem to remember on past shows that the guests got a few fairly large items that would’ve been cumbersome, at best, to get back home (especially if they were flying!)

Also, do the various companies supply them free for some outstanding advertising?

Also, not a snark, but just an observation: I’ve felt that over the past several years Oprah has gotten more and more beautiful and staying in control of her weight. Just yesterday, though, I thought she looked fairly large. Was is just the blouse?

That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer, but I suspect that for larger items, they give coupons or vouchers instead of the actual item.

Or maybe coupons for all of it. Electronic items need to be in boxes, with instruction manuals, etc. Clothing needs to be the proper size.

And phooey! I missed the show!

I thought the fave things show was closer to Christmas???!!! Was it a rerun?

I would think if they have larger things given away that the audience is either given a voucher to order it online or pick up in a store, or the show ships the item(s) to the audience member.

Will Oprah’s weight ever stop being scrutinized? I guess ever since she dropped all that weight and got super skinny back in the 80’s she’s brought it upon herself. I think she looks great with a bit more meat on her bones. When she gets too thin her head looks way too big for her body.

I know someone who was on one of these shows, but it was a few years ago before they got really big. She said some things they did get as vouchers, like some kind of outfit or pajamas she got so she could order her size. But when you watched that show you didn’t see them actually handing out all the items to the audience members. The items that were handed out she did have to take home with her.

On more recent shows you see them handing out a lot more stuff. I think when you see them actually handing out the items, yes, they have to physically find a way to lug that all home with them (handy when you also get a car :slight_smile: ) or pay to have it shipped.