Optical digital to computer connection possible?

This is obscure. I have searched for this on the internet, so far with no success.

I have a Sony 400-CD carousel that has an optical (toslink I think it’s called) digital output port. I would like to find a way to connect that to my PC so that the PC will recognize the CD player as a device, so that I can rip tracks from the CDs without needing to take them out of the carousel.


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You need a sound card with an optical SPDIF input, and a fiber with the proper ends on it. There are some out there that aren’t too expensive - one of the Creative Audigy cards should have it for a decent price.

I don’t know if the optical out signal from your CD changer has any copy prevention on it though. I would guess not, but you never know.

Here is a link to one such card. It’s $45.


Note: I know nothing about the store from the link, you should buy from a retailer you trust.

Although you can hook your CD changer up to your sound card via optical cable, your computer won’t recognize it as a “device”. And what you record from there won’t truly be a digital rip either. You’re really better off just putting the CDs into your CD/DVD drive on your computer and ripping them.

Thanks, Demo. I was kind of hoping that a “digital” output would lend itself to connecting it to a PC and not just to a stereo. I guess there are different meanings for “digital”. When I looked at toslink converters and adaptors, they only went from toslink to mini-plugs.

And thanks to **MCSE ** for the research. This is just a matter of convenience for me so I didn’t want to buy a new sound card (even if that would work). I was hoping to only have to spend money for some kind of cable, but I guess such a thing doesn’t exist.

What do you mean by that? Does it get converted to analog signals in the sound card or something?

No argument there. The digital output on a CD player is, well, just an output. You can’t control the CD player through it.

That’s my understanding. I’m no expert but from what I’ve read, once the signal hits the soundcard it is converted to an analog signal for playback, unlike reading(and storing) actual bits from the CD directly to the hard drive.