optical illusion

The pink dots/green dots illusion.
I just saw this. It is found in multiple places and clearly has been known for a long time, but it looks pretty cool. This web site names names, but I don’t know where it started.


Wow - that’s amazing. I even isolated one dot (by covering the others with paper) just to see if it was a trick and they really did change from pink to green.

The pink dots seem to disappear entirely if you keep your eyes locked on the crosshairs. It’s pretty amazing.

It’s a fake.
Just paste it into paint and the dot won’t move.
Try it and see!

This is a whoosh. Please tell me you understand why this doesn’t work.

This illusion reminds me of one I saw when I was a kid. It was a green & black striped, American flag with black stars on an orange field. You were supposed to stare at it for a minute, then stare at a white wall. You would see the American flag in the proper colors on the wall. I love that whole phenomenon. I have a game I’ll play sometimes if I catch myself staring off for a minute at nothing (there is actually stuff there, I am just not actually looking at it intentionally, or thinking about it consciously), I’ll shut my eyes and look at the negative image against my eyelids and try to pick out what the different stuff is. It’s harder than it sounds.

That said, man, some of those comments below the animation are so stupid! “it’s fake” “it’s a scam” etc… Way to completely miss the point, guys. :rolleyes:

Oh Jesus I hope it was a whoosh! I laughed when I read it but it never occurred to me that there was the possibility that he was serious…

The dot turns green for me but doesn’t disappear. ???

I can never get those “stare at these blobby dots and watch a picture magically appear” things to work either.

Edit: spoke too soon; tried again and the dots did disappear for a second and then there was suddenly a double circle, one of all pink dots on the outside and all green dots on the inside. Weird!

It wasn’t a whoosh, it was an illusion. Copy and paste his post into notepad, and you’ll see it really said Throat Warbler Mangrove.

Keep staring at the + in the middle for, say, 30 seconds. Make sure your eyes don’t move even a little bit. Eventually the rest of the pink dots will fade away and you will be left with a blank gray square with an orbiting green dot. It takes a little while to happen (unlike the initial green, which happens right away).

I think he’s referring to this entry in the comments of the linked site:

I hope that’s what it is, rather than quoting it in agreement.

I didn’t even need to stare at the +. I was reading the instructions and when I reached the right hand side of the first line, I noticed in my peripheral vision the dot below had turned green and all the others disappeared.

Sorry I haven’t been back earlier.
Yes, I got a kick out of some of those comments by people obviously unclear on the concept.
Thanks, guys, for at least questioning whether I could actually be that stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always liked this particular illusion and it frightens me that people think it’s some kind of computer trickery/fake image made to freak them out. Makes me want to strongarm them into a science class. (Glad to hear you aren’t one of 'em Dinsdale. I figured you weren’t.) :slight_smile:

It’s on this album cover if anyone wants to see it. Except that the star field is yellow on this one.

It’s pretty cool, but I can’t get my eyes to stay open and focused long enough to get them all to disappear. I get to the last three or four and then I have to blink.