Optical Mouse

I have an optical (i.e., wireless) mouse that is sluggish in responding even with fresh batteries. The mouse is several years old now, but should that matter? Do optical mice (mouses?) age? One WAG: If an optical mouse uses a laser, lasers do poop out over time. Is that how an optical mouse works? And if so, could this be a clear case of mouse poop? - Jinx

I should add when the “Microsoft optical mouse blue receiver” (as it is labeled on the back) is placed in ridiculously close proximity to the mouse, the mouse seems ok. So, how does the optical mouse work? RF? Laser?

Both. The optical part uses a laser to track movement and the wireless part uses RF to transmit data to the base.

Did you make sure the bottom is all mucked up with dust and palm grease?

This makes it sound like it’s not the optical part, which tracks movement, but the RF or bluetooth part, which transmits to the computer. Is there anything in the area that might be causing interference? Other wireless items? Or maybe a big chunk of metal sitting between the mouse and the receiver? I can always tell when my cat has knocked my puck off the table. The reception dies because now there is a big steel desk inbetween.

Optical mice aren’t necessarily wireless - my Apple mouse is wireful.