Options for mounting a coin on a necklace?

I have a coin/medallion that I’d like to wear as a necklace, but I’d rather not deface or permanently alter it (i.e. challenge coin rules). They do make “bezels”- metal rings for mounting coins and other round objects, but what I have is an odd size that doesn’t match any standard coin size out there. (f.y.i. 1.26" (or 32mm) wide by 0.135" thick). If my mad MacGyver skilz were stronger I’d try to improvise something out of rubber or plastic but that’s more than I can independently reinvent at the moment. Suggestions appreciated.

Find a custom jeweler to create a custom bezel?

Sounds like you need to talk to a jeweler; they can probably alter an existing bezel for you or manufacture one in that custom size. But this is something you need an expert for, especially if it’s a coin that has some value that you don’t want damaged.

A bit steampunk, but you could get an old pocket watch, take out the insides, and embed the coin in lucite, then wear that as a necklace. Probably too heavy, too.

Some combination of this might be a useful component.

The lucite would be a disqualifier. That would count as “permanent alteration.”

You could MacGyver a bezel out of PCL plastic, which melts in hot water and probably would not mar the coin. But you would have to take some care if you wanted it to look good.

I’ve seen people that wire wrap stones with either silver or gold wires. From what I’ve seen it’s fairly cheap way to mount an oddball shape like a crystal onto a necklace.

Does anyone really do ‘coin checks’ outside of WWII movies?
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One approach would be to fashion a suitable small loop and attach it to the coin with CA glue (aka cyanoacrylate, or superglue). This is readily dissolved with acetone, which is not harmful to metal.

Like this. They sell wire wrap kits on Amazon and eBay, but perhaps might be best to go to one of those “new age” shops that sells trinkets like crystals, stone necklaces and herbal supplies and see what they can do. I seem to recall that getting a stone wrapped was about $5-$10.