Or you could just turn it off.

Since I never went to medical school, let alone become a world-famous heart surgeon, I use that OFF button a lot. Back in the old days, when we had to walk to school threw 45 feet of snow, uphill both ways, it could take all day to contact someone.

I don’t pick up the phone if I’m in a conversation with someone, unless it’s a phone call I’ve been waiting for. Just let it go to the answering machine function.

My ex-wife once answered the phone during sex! Then she continued chatting with her friend. Good god.

What did she say when asked “What’s up?” :smiley:

Oh good God, yes! As a supervisor at work last night I was REALLY starting to get annoyed at a certain little twit who, it seemed, was checking her fucking cellphone every five minutes. Something about her stupid boyfriend, yadda, yadda. Don’t care bitch, turn the goddamned thing off and get to work. Fuck!

As someone old enough to remember a time before mobile phones*, I’m amazed that the world now cannot run without them. How, as a race, did we survive?

Cell phones are a convenience, and there’d be a lot less rants if people realized that. Sure, if I’m out, I might want to take a call from my elderly parents, in case something is wrong. However, as soon as it isn’t, it is time to go! And if I’m with friends A & B, and friend Z calls, Z can wait. People in person take priority. Plus, there’s that whole indoor voice, and having private conversations in public venues thing. Some decorum would be nice.

*(I was going to include pagers, but the first pager was invented in 1921, and the first successful consumer pager was in 1974).

In my job, I am required to be on call one week out of five.

I agree with a lot that has been said about this rude behavior. And I agree that it is really rude. When I am oncall, I know there is a chance I am going to be mortified. But I take certain steps to minimize.

  1. I turn the volume to it’s lowest setting. Sadly, the cell I was issued does not have a vibrate mode. Or if it does, I don’t know to engage it and it’s not in the manual.

  2. I sit as close to exit door as possible. As soon as it goes off, I am out the door.

  3. I sometimes choose not to attend certain events when on call.

Well, yeah. If you are that important I’ll forgive you. But if someone was so stupid that they couldn’t turn a phone to silent, or accept that sometimes mobile phones ring at inconvenient times without bitching, I wouldn’t want this hypothetical person fixing up my insides!

I love this idea! However people are complaining about working the phones they have now. New ideas just scare a lot of people.

Uh, no. You still aren’t getting it: Your hatred of cell phones doesn’t matter in this instance. Not one tiny little bit. Their need to be contacted reliably is the only thing that matters.

Yes, but that’s why god created the silent mode and the front display, so Dr. Important could quietly pull out his phone in the theater and see whether he should take the call in the lobby.

Everyone else deserves to meet the Attitude Readjustment Device.

If by ‘network’ you mean the mobile phone network, I’d be pissed too. There is no reason for the phone company to ever be contacting me on the phone, unless I am behind on my payments.

If the messages were promoting some fancy new ringtone or other such nonsense, I’d be inclined to slap someone silly as opposed to complaining.

But that’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying two things.

First of all, if your cellphone must ring, answer it discreetly, and set it to vibrate when possible. Particularly in movie theatres. How is that not rude, to sit in a movie theatre and pull everyone out of the movie with the stupid ringtone from the Flinstones or whatever? Why on earth can’t the hotshot doctor or whomever be polite?

Secondly, if you must receive important calls…don’t then turn around and bitch when they ring at inconvenient times.

He may hate cellphones, as do I, but I think those two points stand whether you hate them or not.

As I have said until I am blue in the face, if a group of people are assembled for a single purpose, cell phones should not be used. Picking up groceries? Sure. At the checkout line? No.

And anyone who stops a conversation with a real live human being to answer a cell phone should be smacked over the head with a book by Miss Manners. Whenever possible, I start walking away when it happens.

When my Dad became frail, we got him an alarm button that he wore round his neck all the time.
If he felt ill or fell over etc, he pressed the button and a private emergency service sprang into action. They could contact me / the police / the local doctor / the neighbours as agreed.

Indeed, thank you Anaamika. My point was exactly that people who really don’t want to turn their phones off should not be complaining about non-urgent calls when they don’t like them. That’s just daft.

Now the question is why don’t you turn your phone off. If it’s because you have to be able to recieve calls, fine. Those people don’t complain about it anyway because they know they have to keep it on.

The weirdos who complain they’re getting calls at bad times and when I suggest turning their phones off they look at me like I suggeted a holiday on the Jupiter’s fourth moon are stupid.

And I don’t hate phones Derleth. Not usually. I’ve been selling the dam things for over ten years so I’m entitled to hate them some days though!

OK, I misread. I never heard of anyone complaining about someone else complaining about getting a cell phone call at a bad time, and when you have the cell phone for a legitimate reason you don’t have time to complain about it when you get called in.

The ‘set it to vibrate’ thing is more iffy in my mind: Yes it cuts down on noise, but it’s easier to miss a vibrating phone than a ringing one.

At least nobody suggested installing a device to block the use of cell phones. The people in favor of those things ought to be strung up and beaten, or at least forced to live somewhere without functional hospitals.

Personally, I think that along with an increased sense of self-entitlement, folks are also developing a heightened sense of self-importance.

I was working out at Eddie’s Air Patch when digital watches were all the rage. A lot of them beeped on the hour, and of course everyone had that nifty alarm set for one thing or another. There was a large flight test briefing scheduled and the general in charge warned that if anyone’s watch beeped during the briefing it would be confiscated and smashed. (I didn’t attend the meeting, being a mere Happy Merry Worker, so I don’t know how it turned out – nor if anything was said about pagers.)

Personally I think that if you need to get a call so badly you can just, you know, not go to the movie or the opera or whatever and rudely take your call in the middle. However I know sometimes you just can’t help it. But IMO it’s unmistakeably rude to

  • Always take a cellphone call over the person you are talking to, even when you know it’s important
  • Always take cellphone calls in a movie theatre or opera hall, even if it’s not important
  • Always leave your cellphone on even when you know no one important is going to call you
  • If you must answer your cellphone in a movie theatre it’s rude to continue sitting there and talking instead of saying “Hold on for a minute”, lifting your butt, and getting OUT of the theatre to talk
  • etc.

I mean, you can have a cellphone and need to be present to answer it all the time and still not be rude about the damn thing! And you don’t need to be shocked when I think it’s worth less than person I am currently speaking to.

All generic “you” of course!

I’m not a member of a transplant team, but yes, generally speaking, 24 x 7, I AM that important. My phone goes everywhere I do, but guessa what I do, I use the nifty little VIBRATE feature that motorola put on my phone, so I wouldn’t BOTHER THE PEOPLE AROUND ME. I’m REALLY sick of people who choose the “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT ME! MY PHONE’S RINGING, SEE, I’M IMPORTANT” ringer instead of the feckin’ vibrate feature.


One more thing. If you are that important, then why don’t you at least put on an important sounding ring? It doesn’t make me think you’re important when I can dance to your ringtone. :slight_smile:

My fault for not reading the entire thread here, but it’s only easy to miss if you’re failing to pay attention. My phone clips into my pocket, and as such is against my leg, so that when/if it DOES vibrate, I WON’T miss it. I find anyone who doesn’t go to the utmost length to prevent a public disruption with their own crap to be highly suspect with regard to motivation, and a blight on polite society in general.

It’s not iffy at all IMO, you make sure you can hear/feel the vibe, or you don’t go to whatever event that you need to turn it to vibe for, if you’re that important.