Oral sex and infection (possible TMI)

Lately, I have been performing more cunnilingus on my wife than before. (You’re welcome, honey.) After the last time, however, she’s been experiencing some lower abdominal pain. She’s wondering if oral sex can lead to some kind of bacterial infection.

We’ve been monogamous for many years, so there isn’t fear of an STD. There’s no pain when she urinates. She’s taking Clomid right now, as we’re trying to get pregnant. I can’t hink of any other relevant factors at the moment.

Any ideas from resident medical folks here?

And yes, if the pain persists or gets worse, we’ll go see a doctor. I’m just hoping to gather a little information first. For some reason, when I Google for an answer using “oral sex,” the first hundred thousand hits aren’t very useful. Go figure.

There could be any number of issues. First, an infection is possible, especially if she had any open sores (or friction sores, so to speak) anywhere on her vulva. If there is no urinating pain, you can potentially rule out a urinary tract infection. Does she have a history of kidney stones? If the pain is higher up, close to her kidneys, that might be an issue. Or hell, she might have have an intestinal gas problem. :stuck_out_tongue:
My crackpot advice is the simple kind: healthy diet, stay hydrated, try some cranberry juice. Cut back on oral sex and see if that helps the problem. If not, take your own advice and see what the doctor has to say. I’m sure his diagnosis is far superior to mine.

No kidney stones, and the pain is pretty far down in her abdomen. Gas is always a possibility.


Already doing the first two, and the cranberry juice isn’t a bad idea. If she’s still hurting come Monday, we’ll give our doctor a call. Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:


Since your wife is taking Clomid it is quite possible that she may have an ovarian cyst or she is about to ovulate. Depends on where in her cycle she is. Either way you should call the doc.

And a little bit of advice that your wife may not like. Saliva kills sperm. So save the oral sex (for either of you) for when you are having non-baby making sex. Every little bit helps!

I assume you’re not blowing air into her. That’s a bad thing.
(ref: Christiansen WC, Danzl DF, McGee HJ. Pneumoperitoneum following vaginal insufflation and coitus. Ann Emerg Med 1980 Sep;9(9):480-2)

Really? This I didn’t know. Don’t suppose you’d have a cite for that, would you?

Nope. Well aware of that, Cecil did a column on it a while back.

It is possible that you are encountering a yeast infection. The yeast that can cause some ladies problems can be a normal inhabitant of the human mouth…and can often be found as part of the flora in the female genitalia. If for some reason the floral balance gets upset, the woman complains of a yeast infection. Sometimes this is the result of antibiotic use in either the male or female partner.

You might want to consider a trip to your physician.

The cranberry juice might help if it were a urinary infection, but usually you have back pain with that.