Orange juice and leather and a locked car in heat

Today has been a bad day. I managed to spill orange juice all over the passenger seat in my car. It’s an 8 year old Celica with leather seats. I managed to mop up most of the juice itself, and I sprayed down the seat with something like Windex, but now my question is what can I do to remove the remaining stickiness and bits of pulp (The O.J. was “Lots O’ Pulp” from Tropicana) that are going to be left on the seat? Will the heat of a closed car in mid-80 degree weather and full sun bake it in and ruin it forever?

sigh Maybe this day will get better. But I have my doubts.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry to reply to my own thread, but I meant to set e-mail notification.

A car in heat? Has your Celica been trying to hump the neighbours VW Convertible again?

Sorry, I don’t really have a solution for your leather problem, I just had to get that wisecrack out. :wink:

Since Coldy already jumped on the line that I first thought of, I’ll take a shot at the answer.

Leather isn’t that delicate–that’s why they use it. You should be able to use just a bit of soap (mild detergent) and water to clean off the seats. If you’re concerned about discoloration or something, you could look for various products that are designed to clean leather–either at your local NAPA or the auto section of K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or Target.