Orange "radio wave" stickers on cars around town

If this is only happening in Austin, my chances of getting it answered might be slim.

Occasionally, but increasingly, I’ll see cars driving on the road with large (8x8"?) stickers displayed on their trunk. It’s some kind of radio wave-looking logo, closely (but not exactly) resembling the Apple AirPort logo. The waves themselves are a faded orange color.

That’s all I got. There’s no other identifying mark or name, the cars are a wide variety of sedans and SUVs (not from a fleet of some sort), and they don’t have any big antennas sticking off of them.

Any ideas?

Sticker to indicate a toll road transponder?

Well, almost everyone up here has a toll tag, but they go on the windshield - we sure didn’t get orange stickers to put on our trunks.

A stylized XM Radio decal, maybe? Cf.

Nah. Much closer to the Apple AirPort logo than XM. I’ll have to take a picture.

One was in the parking lot at the grocery store just this afternoon - I felt like sitting on the hood until its owner arrive.

Don’t do that. What if you find out it means “gonad-shrivelling radiation source”?

“orange radio wave” reminds me of the symbol for RSS (Really Simple Syndication – the system that blogs, news sites, etc. use to “broadcast” their content into readers)

For more on RSS, or to see the logo:

Why someone would put that on their car, though, I have no idea.

Only one possibility… The Blaggers are organizing. :eek:

Bump because this is bugging the crap out of me too.

I don’t know the answer, but I would think that the color orange might have some meaning in Austin. Perhaps you should try something to do with a certain institution of higher learning’s sports teams. :smiley:

To me, orange means either Halloween or the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. (My gym is just down from the Ukrainian consulate in Toronto, and, boy, was it interesting walking along the street there a few times.) Are there many Ukrainians in your area?

Maybe you’re being invaded by mobile bloggers?

Radio Canada has this:
Maye there is something like Radio Mexico with one?

Ah yes, the Exploding Pineapple. :slight_smile: (There was an older version that had semicircular cutouts on the straight sides of the half-round ‘segments’; they looked even more like pineapple slices.)

I was maybe being too vague in my previous post…the fact that it’s orange and you’re in Austin stongly suggests it has something to do with the Texas Longhorns. Could it be a variation on Bevo?

Bump because this has piqued my curiosity as well.


I’ve been seeing them too. It’s not a UT thing, I’m pretty darn sure. I think it might be for a local credit union or something – I swear I have seen it on a building.

A picture of this thing?

Amplify FCU?