Do you have family stickers on your car?

I’ve noticed those family line-drawing stickers in the past, but started wondering about them today while on the highway. I’ve seen different versions, including some with mouse ears and some shaped like feetand flip-flops.

Found this thread from last year. But what I didn’t see there is anybody who had the stickers explaining why they have them.

Though I don’t have stickers of any sort on my car, I can understand sharing with the world your favorite team, your kid’s school, your favorite band, political candidates you support, or witty sayings. But I can’t figure out the motivation for these. If you have these stickers on your car, can you share why you have them and what they mean to you?

I’ve never seen a single person, nor a same-sex couple (though a poster in the thread linked above mentioned that they had). So if you have any out of the ordinary combinations or versions, I would like to hear about those too.

Well, they make window cling film you can print with a laser printer now, so maybe I’ll get a woman figure, steal the last figure from this joke sticker, and design a goldfish figure for my car…

I keep meaning to buy some, and just keep forgetting to do it. I saw a minivan going down the highway once, and everyone’s sticker had mouse ears. Mrs. Homie and I are big WDW fans, so naturally those stood out.

FTR, it’s just me (Aaron), Mrs. Homie (Leslie), and two cats (Jeff and Lenny). No kids. Kinda flies in the face of the reason most people get those stickers, no?

NOTE: In the vein of that Gorlak the Destroyer sticker linked to in the OP, I’d like to get one of a Viking in full battle garb with the name Hrothgar Slayer of Virgins or something.

I would say it’s just a family pride thing. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, to me it seems like a proclamation of “I’m married and have __ number of kids and ___ number of pets.” Am I alone in thinking this is a little strange to advertise on ones car?

I see those here too and think they are weird. As said, it must be a pride thing.

I think they’re hopelessly dorky and suburban, and they make me roll my eyes…and if any of my friends had them on their car, they would have to put up with my mockery.


I guess it’s supposed to be an “I love my family!” thing. I don’t have one though–I would totally go for Glornak. (I also do not have vinyl lettering on my walls, nor do I have a painted wooden sign that says something like “All because two people fell in love.”)

I don’t even have Partylite candles. Somebody had better throw me out of suburbia, I guess.

I suppose it could indicate the number of potential victims in a car wreck, but how often is an entire family in one car?

It strikes me as inherently unsafe. Too easy for a stranger to start a chat with little Johnny " . . . So how’s your sister Becky doing? And Crinkles the cat?"

It makes it much easier for them to weasel their way in.

I love Hanna’s idea in the other thread. I would laugh and laugh if I saw one with one person and 10 cats in it!

I’ve never seen them at all in my neck of the (Canadian) woods. I drive 1,000 miles a week.

I’m in Calgary and I see them everywhere.

Winner. And I’m something of a suburban dork/family man.

This (cheesy sayings in vinyl wall lettering) is one of the dumbest f*cking things I have ever seen… :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Suburbanites and Mexicans.
Slightly less tacky than the vinyl sticker tombstones that some people have.

We don’t have these, but I bet my kids would really like them. They totally buy into the “family is a team” thing and they’re very loyal to the team. They’re little, though - I’m sure they’ll have gotten over that in a few years. I have seen a couple cars in the school carpool lane with one big sticker and a couple little stickers (single parent, I assume) and there’s the huge utility van that has two big Christian fish and eight (!) little fish.

I thought those were tallies for how many people the SUV has struck down. That’s what they meant painted on war craft.


This is also one of the reasons I insist on the kids keeping toys out of the yard. It advertises the fact that kids live there.

I think it can be well done sometimes. I’ve seen some cool things. But on the whole, it’s overdone and cheesy.

I think they’re dorky.

I saw one set that made me laugh – and this was over a year ago, when they were first becoming popular. There was a mom sticker, two kid stickers, and a dog sticker. And on the other side of the mom was a little tiny piece of foot where, I realized, they used to have the dad sticker before they scraped him off. (I wonder if on the other side of town there’s a Porsche with a sticker of a guy next to a sticker of a 24-year-old pharma rep.)