Stick-Figure Family Decals: Your Opinion

What is your opinion of those little stick-figure decals of families and pets that are on so many family mini-vans and SUVs?

A recent Dear Abby column had a histrionic letter from a mother concerned that those things are invitations to pedophiles. :rolleyes: Abby agreed and urged parents to take them down.

So what’s your take? Harmless bragging? Shameless bragging?

zOMG, pedophiles are going to see a minivan and look right past it until they see one of those blasted family decals! Then they’re going to lurk about in the parking lot at Safeway until the family comes back so that they can rape the childrens! Jesucristo, these people need to relax.

Stick figure family decals are dumb, just like those awful things of Calvin pissing on [insert rival sports team here], but the hysteria over pedophiles lurking in the bushes needs to simmer.

There’s always a measure of hysteria when children are even remotely involved, but those family decals do reveal more information than necessary.

I have no idea if it’s ever happened, but it would be entirely possible for an attacker to approach a child and say “Your dog got hit by a car and your brother Joe wanted me to give you a ride to the vet” or whatever.

Aside form that, I think they’re just tacky.

This is why when I am out driving with my daughter I always make her hide under a cardboard box in the back seat. We also keep her swingset under a tarp in the backyard and only allow her to play on it in the darkness of night.

Oh crap, that just cracked me up!:p:p:p

I voted that they’re tacky kitch but I do want to say that they’re also harmless and don’t bother me or anything. I’ve never seen one with the names on it. That would be kind of stupid.

You’re doing it wrong! The right way is here:

I have.

Usually in the format of:

(Kid’s name)
(Town) Youth Soccer

They are lame. That is all.

I’ve never seen them with names. I’d like to get some that have me and like ten cats (even though I actually only have three cats) just for fun. But the cheapest I found just the cats stickers was like 4.50 each.

I like them better than those "In loving memory of… " tombstone decals. What’s up with that?

That would be awesome! May I suggest just buying one a month for a year or something? Admittedly $4.50 for one of those things is highway robbery at some of its most blatant, but if you just space it out over a year it’s not so bad.

I just really want to see a car with one person a dozen cat stickers. :smiley:

Yeah those are terrible. What an honor to be memorialized on the back of somebody’s rusting '98 Chevy S-10.

The decals are lame, and this “stranger danger” hysteria is getting ridiculous.

Too much risk. You should probably move her swingset to the basement.

Where the RADON LIVES???

I thought they listed the people the driver had run over.

Live and learn.

Those are the ones on the driver’s door.

I saw a Honda Civic not too long ago with the stickers: man, man, dog. Inside the car:
A man, another man, and a dog. :smiley:

I tried that but we only have a crawlspace and she kept hitting her head.

I’ve never seen them w/ names. I’ve only seen them w/ the stick figures usually designating the amount of children a family has.