Orange seeds

This is important.

Are you sure this is about orange seeds?

Swallow. Orange seeds, watermelon seeds. I hate spitting.

5 Orange Pips!

Chew, then swallow.

I also eat apple seeds, apple cores watermelon seeds, watermelon rinds, lemon seeds, lemon peels, and those dopey sprigs of parsley too. I swallow cherry seeds, although I don’t chew them: too tough.

I learned to eat from my dad. He learned to eat from his horse.

(BTW, yes, apple seeds are poisonous…but I checked with the local poison information center and they said it’s okay to go ahead and eat them, so long as you don’t make an entire apple-seed milkshake. A couple apples a day won’t add up to enough to harm anyone.

I’ve always wondered how you guys eat with those white hoods on! :wink:

I spit most fruit seeds. Watermelon are ok to eat. I eat pomegranate seeds and sunflower shells (slowly, or else they build up into an inedible mass). I can eat edamame (soybean) pods and sometimes do, which weirds people out.

Yeah, are “orange seeds” the new euphemism around here?

Neither. They don’t enter my mouth. Mostly because I don’t generally eat oranges with seeds, but occasionally because I’ve had to pick them out.

I chose ‘spit’, but I’m with BigT: they don’t ever get to my lips.

I eat sunflower seed shells, though. That’s where all the flavor is!
I have ingested a decent amount of lemon seeds since moving here, however. Fresh cut lemons everywhere means I use them in everything and I can’t be arsed to fish the seeds out of my posole.

I don’t eat oranges with seeds either, so neither.


If there are seeds, I pick them out before I eat the orange. Because seeds are icky.

It would never even occur to me to eat the seeds, but yeah, the correct answer is
3) navel oranges


i candle my citrus fruit sections, then remove any seeds before eating the section.