Orbiter space flight simulator. Freeware just does not get any better than this!

As I write this, my fictitious deltawing spacecraft has just rounded apogee in Earth orbit, at which point I turned on my thrusters to even out the perigee a bit. All this with realistic graphics and displays, and simulated behavior that follows the laws of physics in real time.

The simulator also provides real-world spacecraft like the shuttle Atlantis, ISS, Mir, and so on. Interplanetary travel is supported, but I’m a long way from mastering that yet. Right now I’m pleased merely to have achieved a stable orbit.

If I’m lucky, I might actually learn how to land so I can end this journey without crashing.

Link here.

*Features: You can land your ship at a space port on a planet surface, or dock to an orbital station. *

…or you can kick in the afterburners and plow into that sucker at Mach 4, baby! Yeeeeeeehaw!


I dunno…seems a little lacking in action for my video gaming tastes. But, that’s without trying it. It’s currently downloading, so maybe I’ll feel different in a little bit.

Well naturally, I don’t really think of it as a game in the usual sense. It’s more like a toy, but one that allows you to model real space flights using real world principles.

Yes indeed, there’s nothing better than Orbiter for simulating spaceflight…

…unless you have a Mac. :smack:

Well, X-Plane ain’t too shabby. Even with regards to space flight.

I’m downloading as I type.

A lot of my favorite games/activities are kinda boring.

Yep, there’s not much that would excite a real gamer, but for anyone who grew up building plastic models of Saturn rockets, and then trying to simulate moon missions with them while making rocket noises–as I did!–it’s a lot of fun.

I’m particularly fascinated by the rather primitive early space shots, like the first two Mercury missions that were suborbital. Just imagine…the whole thing from start to finish lasting no longer than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Orbiter allows you to code your own additions; if I can learn the application well enough, I’d like to add a Mercury Redstone simulation.

I spent about four hours just looking at the planets and moons, scrolling around, zooming in and out. Awesome. Definitely download the hi-resolution packages.

Maybe someday I’ll actually try that whole spaceflight thing…