Orcs vs Uruk-hai?

Was it me or did Mordor Orcs seem more powerful than the Uruk-Hai in the movies?

The Uruk-Hai were built up as the perfect orc warriors, but had quite a bit of trouble with the Fellowship. Their pikes didn’t skewer a single Rohirrim. One arrow or sword swing was enough to take down an Uruk-Hai.

Meanwhile, the Mordor orcs seemed to beat humans every time they fought. In Osgiliath, out of the seige towers, and even in the city walls themselves. And it wasn’t just sheer numbers, nearly every time I’d see an orc go up against a Gondor soldier or Ranger, the orc would win. Yet they didn’t have half the build-up of the Uruk-Hai.

Well, it’s a problem in that PJ strayed from the source material.

Per the book: The Uruks had been around for centuries. They were not a new invention of Saruman’s. They’d been popping out of Mordor for some time, bothering the locals in Ithilien and other locations. They were bigger and hardier than the common strain of orc. They could also stand up to sunlight better. What Saruman did have was an army of mixed men and orc halfbreeds. This let to bigger orcs who could also stand sunlight.

Anyway, from my take on the movie point of view: The Mordor orcs had ages of experience to draw on, battling enemies and each other. The Isengard orcs were popped out of the ground fully grown, but with minimal experience. Easy sword fodder.

It also happens that the few times we see the Uruk-Hai fight, the battles are orchestrated to show the power of the humans, while whenever we see the Orcs fight, they need to win for a while to build suspense. I know it isn’t really a Tolkien-source answer, but it’s what makes sense, in most cases.

Or maybe in the movie, the Rohirrim are just way too bad-ass for any enemy. After all, it was Gondor soldiers getting their asses kicked in Osgiliath and in Minas Tirith. But when the Rohirrim showed up, they just cut through the Mordor orcs like butter, too.

Well, not any enemy… The riders definitely had trouble when the mumakil showed up.

But in the movie, mounted Rohirrim seemed too much for any orcs.

Tell that to poor Boromir

And this is probably the worst flaw with the movies. Humans are constantly shown as being too weak to defend themselves. At Helm’s Deep they need to be bailed out by the Elves. At Minas Tirith they needed to be bailed out by an army of the Undead (in the books, the Undead only help Aragorn sieze control of the black ships; from that point forward it is all left up to Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, the rangers, and recruits from the seaside towns who decided to follow).

The Elves are essentially a non-factor in LotR after the fellowship leaves Lothlorien. It’s time to let men defend themselves because, after all, they will be inheriting all of Middle Earth in the coming Fourth Age.

But if I were an Elf of high power in the movies, there is no way I’d be leaving that place in the hands of such a pathetic race.

And for Christ’s sake PJ, would it have been so much trouble for you to bathe Anduril in white flame? :mad: