Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

So Bloodfeast is already saving the day by stopping Mr Scruffy from getting a claw on Belkar then?

Actually there’s a level 1 spell that will do:


Does Minrah know about this? Maybe she’s prtecting Belkar from future Fearing. Though now, without his clasp, he could just be charmed.

He normally doesn’t go around with the clasp activated. No doubt because it causes pain when it is. But he didn’t actvate it even before entering an obvious trap, so he could have been charmed anyway.

Just another example of the Order not optimizing. You’ll know that the Last Battle is on us when they do optimize beforehand.

To clarify, I said a spell that would protect against those, too. As in, all of the mind-affecting effects, including fear, compulsion, charm, phantasms, patterns, and anything else that affects the mind, some of which don’t have any of the other, more specific labels. A single spell for protecting against all of those at once is high level (Mind Blank; we’ve seen V cast it), even though you can get most (but not all) of the important protections from a mishmash of different low-level spells.

Minrah probably had Calm Emotions prepared instead of Remove Fear because it’s a bit more versatile, but it does have its downsides: Most notably, it’s preventing Belkar from taking any violent actions. And it’s also a higher level spell than Remove Fear.

1243 Rogue Up, Rogue Down

Haha, that bow trick was very neat. Now maybe Serini will be more open to discussion.

And Haley nails the “dismount”. The crowd goes wild!

So will this mean the group will turn this fight around and win? Or will Sunny become angry that “Mom” was attacked and stop holding back?

By the Laws of Narativium, Sunny and his mom should make a comeback in the next strip or two. Either that or the two sides will settle their differences without concluding the fight.

I dunno. Sunny seems nice.

Wonder if Sunny will watch “Mom” fall with the big eye still open.

Or Sunny goes to catch Serini with its telekinesis eye, releasing the bow and Haley is back to twhipping arrows.

That sure looks like a turning point in the fight, to me.

Huh. With all the commotion, I never realized that Haley’s bow had been levitated. There was a lot going on in that one panel.

Yeah, a lot of eye-catching action.
to behold.

Let’s see the judges’ scores. 9.8, 9.6, 9.5, 9.9, and 6.0 from the LE judge.

My random guess: Sunny turns toward Serini and accidentally anti-magics her (making her visible) and Bloodfeast (making him big). Sunny gets squashed against the ceiling, putting him/her/it out of action for the moment, and assorted chaos happens at floor level. The fight is called on account of dinosaur and we then get multiple strips of Serini and the gang arguing about Xykon/the gates/etc.

Mind you, my guesses have tended to be completely wrong but hey, it could happen. I still have some insane wild guesses about how the whole thing ends too, which will also likely prove wrong.

I suppose Mimi is still there as well. I don’t know how effective a mimic would be against a group like OotS (not very) but if the tide of combat in the strip can be changed by a cat or a lizard or a low level dwarf fighter-cleric, I suppose there’s a chance for a mimic as well.

Since it was mentioned earlier that Serini is friends with Trolls (as she seems to be with Sunny and probably other “monsters”), I wonder whether there might be a much larger group/army available for the final battle than expected (in case Serini sides with the OotS).

Visible in panel 1. Look down from Haley’s feet.