Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

Yup. I suppose I specifically meant “Since Mimi is still there, maybe it could do something besides pretend to be a wall if things get dire enough for Serini”.

I think it’s interesting that Sunny is very concerned about accidentally damaging the order. Not what I would have expected from a magic-floating-eye monster.

I think it would be hilarious if in the middle of the Final Battle Sunny, Bloodfeast, the MitD and Mr. Scruffy all band together and save the day when Our Heroes fail in their quest and Xykon is just about to triumph.

Y’know, granted that any caster that powerful does still have options, but a creature with an at-will large antimagic field would be quite a useful ally against a couple of high-level full-casters.


Sunny is clearly the important character who had then only appeared in one strip, anyway.

And i like Sunny. It seems like a nice addition to the crew.

Possible, a lot of people have speculated it, but I don’t buy it.

The Giant’s comment implies that the 1-page character was someone so obscure that you won’t guess they would return as an important character.

Sunny appeared in the cliffhanger at the end of the last book. It was very obvious that orange voice would be an important character.

I figured the 1-page character was from this page:

I would guess that that didn’t count as an apprearance to Burlew. He probably meant an actual image of the character and the earlier one that 2nd_Law cited was it. And I agree with this. I certainly wouldn’t count a disembodied voice as an appearance of a character.

I’ve got 500 Quatloos says you’re wrong.

Another 100 says it’s Suzy Finklestein

I agree with both 2nd_law and dtilque.

Okay, I’m with you fellas.

#1244 is up!

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If V just cast "Dispel Magic, " doesn’t that mean Bloodfeast just got BIG?

I love how Haley acts like a metagaming player, finding a loophole like this to thwart the DM.

Was wondering that, but presumably it can be directed.

“Quiet, unidentified creature.”

Looks like it was an area Dispel, since it Dispelled magic on everyone in the scene. That means a 20 foot radius and Bloodfeast apparently was outside that radius.

Elan could have done the same thing since he has Greater Dispel Magic. Assuming he hasn’t used all his 5th level spell slots, of course.

Why didn’t it dispel the light spell?

Because it’s not a light spell. It’s a burning arrow.