Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

When V casts Dispel Magic, the glowing mote is back over their head. No real reason for it. It’s supposedly a standard Light spell (cast here) but Light doesn’t make a glowing mote follow you around and should have been dispelled but I guess it’s just another case of “3.5e rules are a guideline at best”

Since it’s up in the air, it could be within 20 feet horizontally, but not within 20 feet of the center of the Dispel. Looks like the center is where Haley is, so this is plausible.

I would like to note that Serini has the paper coming over the top of the roll, as the Gods intended.

Jophiel is correct, I meant the glowing ball as seen in panel 6. Why wasn’t that dispelled?

That makes her lawful good, right?

Not if you own a cat.

I am owned by four. They are all supremely indifferent to toilet paper, thank Ghu!

1245 Sales Boom Imminent

A pointy rock monster and the 14th President of the United States.

OK, so what is Franklin, bestiary-wise?

I like how V was taking notes at the end on how to repel Belkar

It’s a piercer.

Thanks – so, a creature that looks like a stalagmite until it drops, and not really high enough level to give the Order much trouble.

Also, it’s not supposed to have language. But I guess that’s okay.

Per the rules, they’re just animals, and not particularly bright ones. I’m not sure if the one in the comic has language, or is just trained to recognize it’s own name and attack. Of course, there’s also magic that you can use to grant an animal human intelligence, so possibly this one is exceptional.


Oops, i can never keep those straight. Thanks.

As a kid I learned Stalactite holds tight to the roof and stalagmite forces its way up with might. Never ever forgotton which one is which.

I learned that stalactites are on the ceiling and stalagmites are on the ground.

It’s also supposed to, you know, pierce its prey rather than bite it but I guess Franklin is a Very Special Piercer.

Early AD&D had a lot of monsters that were essentially “traps with hit points”. Piercers weren’t expected to make for a meaningful combat encounter, they were supposed to drop on the unwary party as a ‘fuck you’ from the DM and cause the group to lose some hit points or healing potions, etc. It was, if my memory serves, the first monster Dragon Magazine attempted to give an ecology to make some sort of sense out of, explaining it as a type of carnivorous snail that would drop, business end down, hopefully killing whatever was underneath before extending itself out to eat its prey.

See also the Cloaker, the Cave Fisher and the ever-popular Mimic.

A piercer, which fell from the ceiling,
Left the whole of the search party reeling.
“It’s a good thing,” they said,
That it hit Daffith’s head.
For where there’s no sense, there’s no feeling."