Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

A stalactite hangs tight to the ceiling.
A stalagmite might reach the ceiling.

Also notice the extra gotcha of C vs. G.

Of all the mnemonics, this is the only one I have a chance of remembering. Sometimes, I even do. But I didn’t this time.

So, stalacmites are on the ceiling, and stalagtites are on the ground? Got it.

My juvenile, sexist mnemonic from junior high was “If the tights come down, something might go up.”

I know. I should be ashamed. But I don’t confuse the two any more!

Ashamed? I’m proud that I know that now!

Personally, the day I need a mnemonic to distinguish stalactites from stalagmites is the day I book a visit to a head doctor.

Oh, i can distinguish them just fine. It’s only their names i have trouble with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, those honeyed words of Elan’s.

So…disintegration ray?


And it looks like Haley and Belkar made their saves against the covering fire, but V failed theirs, against whatever eye ray that was (paralysis?).

And then I think Elan cast suggestion on Sunny, which failed its save, but its anti-magic cone negated the spell when it turned to look at him (which isn’t how that should work - it should only be able to negate suggestion by coning the target, not the caster, but…). Or Elan just made a naively reasonable mundane suggestion, and Sunny just as naively and reasonably agreed until it thought for a second about what was going on. That may be the narrative fluff of missing a Diplomacy vs. Insight roll by 1.

That was my take on it - a comic moment between two nice-but-dim characters.

Mine, too.

Presumably the first and last time anyone will refer to Elan as “clever” (although we know he needs word-play for his ‘dashing swordsman’ class).

And we seem to have received an explanation for the slow update frequency, because I think the “A monster for every season: Summer 2” collection is newly available.

Actually, I give Elan a lot of credit for how he handled this encounter. He thought up and executed his plan for making Sunny blink on his own.

Elan plays the fool, but has always been a lot smarter than he lets on.

Sunny says pew pew pew. That’s adorable.

Just in case there’s any doubt about this, it was definitely not a spell cast by Elan. There was no dweomer for a spell, which virtually always appears when a spell is cast.

And note that, once Sunny realizes the “trick”, all of his eyes are watching Elan… and not the trio pursuing “Mom”. Which just might have even been the intention.

Feeling too lazy to look up what the hell “dweomer” means. From context, I’m guessing that it’s the colored aura-thingy that you see around a caster’s hand when he’s casting?

ETA: If I’m wrong, I’d appreciate correction. Either way, I’d appreciate someone telling me where the word came from.