Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

Your guess is correct. It’s a word Gygax came up with, I thought from some old book on magick. Looking it up on Wikipedia, I find

V got zapped but it looks as though Sunny pointed its anti-magic ray down the tunnel so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Prediction: Elan is trapped in the room by Sunny and they hit it off, possibly being the key factor to Serini assisting them.

Lurking Below


I care, Belkar. I care a lot.

It looks like the dungeon is going to be full of Gygax’s stupid old-school high-annoyance-factor low-roleplay-value monsters - piercers, lurkers, mimics etc. Sunny seems to be the only one with a personality.

Me too! I do like it when he finds loopholes or just ignores the rules. It’s fun to read the comments and just watch it unfold!

@MrDibble , That does seem to be the direction it is going. Also, low treasure if I remember correct.

I just wanted to add that when I called them “stupid” and " high-annoyance-factor", I meant to encounter as a player. I imagine they’re ripe with comedy possibilities a-la the Flumph.

We still need the floor version of the Lurker Above (Trapper?), Stun Jelly, Cloaker and maybe a Gas Spore.

Yes, Trapper.

I’m not familiar with that one.

It would definitely fit the theme, but I’m not sure how it would be worked in. A black cloak just hanging around in a dungeon is going to be a bit conspicuous.

Since we’ve already had a Beholder, which the Order is now primed to shoot at first and ask questions about later, that seems very likely.

Blood for the flumph god!

(Obscure Full Frontal Nerdity quote)

Essentially a Gelatinous Cube disguised as a dungeon wall. Get too close and it nabs you with its paralyzing tendrils and pulls you in to eat ya. Think it was a 1st edition only critter.

Looking it up, it looks like it was one of the obscure critters from the 1E Fiend Folio, turned up as part of the consolidated “Oozes, Slimes, and Jellies” entry in the 2E Monstrous Compendium, then wound up in the OGL and got published in 3E and 5E by a third party publisher.

A Gelatinous Cube also seems like a definite contender - a headlong rush to catch Serini seems like it could easily wind up with someone running or flying right into one without seeing it. And the various oozes, slimes, and jellies are on-theme. I think that was a vial of Green Slime, not just randomly green acid, that Serini threw at them.

I’d expect a gelatinous cube before a lot of those others. It’s a classic, like a beholder.

Coincidentally, Full Frontal Nerdity is also currently dealing with trappers and lurkers above.

@Chronos Thanks! That was fun catching up on FFN! And yes to 1E monsters making a comeback!

Lurkers above, Trappers below was the mnemonic, kind of like the one(s) for stalactites and stalagmites. And just like Belkar, my cleric carried a dagger with her – no edged weapons be damned in those situations.

1248 - More Basic Than Cantrips

I wonder if the area Serini went to is where the Paladins are.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Free obvious internet points for me!

“See you soon, Sunshine!” Which means Serini is expecting them to pass that wall and it’s a trap.