Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

I just hope that now they’re (arguably) no longer in “hot pursuit,” they head back and retrieve the others. Basta! with splitting the party!

Or as Haley pointed out, Serini can pop back in for a (sneak?) attack (and possibly bring minions).

Or she’s talking to Sunny?

Passwall is one of V’s spells (he used it in the Pyramid), so why did he feel the need to acquire a scroll for it?

In order to have it in his back pocket on days that he didn’t have it memorized. You can do that with spells you don’t expect to use often enough to memorize but which might prove useful on rare occasions.

Also, they wouldn’t have acquired it, they’d have created it. Wizards get a “scribe scroll” ability at first level, so they can give themselves a supply of back up spells above and beyond what they can normally memorize in a day.

To make for a more dramatic reveal, of course!

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Nice Thanksgiving present from Burlew.

O-Chul gets a punchline! Nice!

Saying that V rescued him back then is a mark of saint-like modesty.

He may well believe it. He has every reason to believe the friendly wizard did it and no reason to believe the MitD did it.

V was a crucial part of his escape. I’d say it’s accurate enough, even if he is humbly downplaying his own essential part of the process.

Of course, Monster-San was even more essential than either of them, and he’s not mentioning him, not out of modesty, but simply because he’s not relevant to the current topic of conversation.

At least, probably… Someone’s got to point out eventually that all of the forces of Good here combined just might be able to beat Xykon, even if none of them could individually, and in that case, it would be quite relevant indeed that one of those forces of Good is one whom Xykon is currently regarding as his most powerful ally.

No, he knows. Or at least suspects - see the line about having questions for a learned scribe.

Hmm…I’d forgotten about that.

New one:

Dude, Awesome.

Oooh, fun!

Okay, I’ll ask the obvious question; how did Lien reach that ball?

In the previous one, her right hand was hidden in every panel.

I thought that she was trying to undo the manacles. Evidently not.