Order of the Stick book 7 discussion thread

I’m fairly sure that’s exactly why Xykon used the words “junior detective”. It’s an indirect way of telling us that the bad guys have found the swap-over trap. Which means Team Evil is going to get into the real dungeon where the gate is. Right now. There won’t be another chance to set up the ambush that they had before.

Maybe. Except this door was inaccurately marked as cleared. So I’d think it’s mainly Redcloak and Oola (Oona?) trying to figure out why it had monsters in it. That could lead to them finding the trap but solving MITD’s deception is riddle enough for “junior detective” work.

There’s half a scorch mark on the tunnel floor where the rat’s head disabled the trap. There’s a sharp cutoff where the other half of the mark is in the real tunnel. The spot check for seeing that is lots easier than the line of tiny runes on the floor. That’s a big clue and probably why they started to play junior detective.

ETA: the half scorch mark can be seen here in panel 14 (third panel in the second page).

Except Xykon was literally calling Redcloak “Nancy Drew” a couple strips before that.

What I meant was why they are staying in the tunnel and not leaving with Xykon. If they examine the scorch mark, that should give them a bonus towards spotting the line of runes. And then a Detect Magic to discover the swap-over trap.

But you can see the trap line behind Xykon as he flies out and calls behind him. The other two are deeper in, not near the trap (Xykon is obscuring where the scorch mark would be, though). Whatever they’re investigating that makes Xykon call them junior detectives, it’s not the trap line. Presumably, it’s why the monsters are “back” in a “clean” cave.

Goblin and bugbear.


New one: 1258: Operational Security.

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I want to hear more about the icicle…

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I don’t feel the Dark One is lying to Redcloak. But Redcloak may be lying to himself.

Redcloak is positive that he is following the Plan. But the Dark One’s plan may have been for the various goblin races to have a secure homeland - which has already been achieved in Gobbotopia. Redcloak may be putting that at risk by trying to manipulate Xykon, the Snarl, and all three pantheons to get more.

This interpretation would fit the Dark One’s message of “Don’t screw this up” as well as Redclaok’s interpretation.

I have long thought that this is the point of TDO’s message to Redcloak. “Don’t screw this up”. Meaning don’t throw away Gobbotopia while pursuing the Gates.

It would fit in with Redcloak’s personality. Redcloak has become fixated on following the Plan with no possible deviations; this absolute fixation is what has allowed him to keep going. He has refused to consider any possible change to the plan, even to the point of killing his own brother over it. He’s become so fixated on following the path he’s lost sight of the destination.

So will he continue to follow the wrong path to defeat and destruction, or will he realize, at the very last minute, with a cry of “How could I have been so blind?”, that he is wrong and turn on Xykon?

I think Redcloak eventually turning on Xykon is pretty much a given. When? Why, at the most dramatic possible moment, of course.

Redcloak will never turn on Xykon. He will deceive and use Xykon to the last. And he hasn’t been blind. He’s always known what Xykon is. He’s expecting Xykon to turn on him, though.

The strip is getting deeper. I kinda miss the old funny days. But this is good writing.