Order of the Stick: can't find Elan bargaining strip

My son is convinced that there is an OOTS strip in which Elan is bargaining for maybe potions, and the guy wants 800 GP, but Elan bargains him up to 1000 GP. I haven’t been able to find it so far. Does this ring a bell?


It Costs an Armor Leg

Is there any chance he’s misremembering Potionomics?

Edit: superior-ninjad!

It’s been what-more than 3 weeks now since the last installation? Is the artist on summer vacation or something?

Wow. That was fast.

I’m on a short stopover in Marrakesh with my son, Attacklad. He’s 12 and has never been out of North America before. I’m writing to my brother, who also posts here, and the OOTS strip illustrates how my son bargains in the souk.


I think it’s a case of the artist having 1.5 million reasons to concentrate on other OOTS stuff than the strip. Annoying, but understandable.

The forums’ content-ninjas have as much of a sense of humor about the subject as they usually do. I LOL’d at the guy who commented a few days ago that he wondered why Rich had converted the strip into a monthly…

I got my package last week. That’s worth it, in my book!