Ordering a search by post date

How do I order the search results by the date of each post that matched, rather than by the latest post in the thread?

No answer for this one?

From what I understand “latest post” is doing what you want (sorting matching posts by date), if you sort by “latest topic” then it’s sorting by thread dates rather than post dates.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you’re looking for the search with dates in chronological order, from what I can tell, that’s what shows up if you do a search.

If you want it in backwards chronological order, then you can do a search by latest post.

Maybe I’m not understanding the question, but I’ve tried to emulate what I think is your question a couple times.

Thanks. I must have been doing something else wrong, because for a while I was searching for my username looking for my posts. I was choosing “latest post” and it looked like it was sorting things by the date of the latest post in the thread rather than the date I posted in it, which based on the name of that option, you’d think that’s what it was supposed to do.

Now, I’m choosing “latest post” and it’s doing what I want, sorting by the date of the post the match appears in. Bizarre.