Ordering seafood at steak restaurants

I don’t eat red meat. However, I’ve got friends and family who do. I’ve had mixed results when ordering seafood at steak restaurants. What are your tips for ordering seafood at steakhouses? I’ve usually stuck to ordering something grilled, like salmon or swordfish. However, the one time I ordered grilled ahi tuna, I was quite disappointed. At $30 a plate, I’d expect anything on the menu to be decent.

I don’t know what to recommend other than what you usually do. Maybe ask the waiter he he or she thinks, or be very specific about how you like the fish prepared. I don’t usually order anything but steak at a steak place, but any decent steak restaurant should be able to do a good grilled fish. I’ve certainly had Ahi appetizers at the local upscale steak place that was wonderful.

Alternatively, pick out places that bill themselves as steak and seafood places. That’s not unusual.

I wouldn’t do it at Peter Luger’s. The waiters laugh at you and the fish is terrible.

And that’s just wrong. They ought to have some decent non-steak food, so that if most but not all the people in a group want steak, they can still go there.

I’ve found that a lot of Steakhouses can usually do a pretty good rendiition of Shrimp or Scallops, and firmer “Steakfish” like Swordfish.

And as far as having decent “non-steak” food in a Steakhouse. Well yes, all of their food should be excellent if they serve it… but I well, don’t know what to say about people who go to a Steakhouse and somehow are disappointed that they specialize in Steak… I mean it’s not like bait and switch, the truth in advertising is pretty clear… it’s right there in the name.

You could go with a roast chicken, or something like that. Forget the fish altogether, and chew on something that breathes air.

Salad bar. You don’t eat steak? No meat for you! Next!

Eat wild Alaskan salmon.

Order your fish like people order a steak. I will have the salmon Med rare please. Shrimp is a good bet as we’ll as chicken. Some steak places make a great Caesar. Just order a Caesar with some shrimp on it. Hell that is what I do. And or a Burger.

Well, if I were at 56’s Restaurant in Alaska… I would probably order the Grilled Halibut Steak with Bearnaise.

Pretty much every restaurant I’ve been to has more than one type of meat, usually 4 or more: beef, pork, chicken, fish, etc.

In my experience, if a person doesn’t like a particular restaurant, they won’t like anything on the menu.

Never been to Phoenix, but according to their website, there’s a McCormick & Schmick’s on N. Scottsdale Rd. I’ve never been to a bad one. Their steaks are fine and their seafood is excellent, and in roughly the price range you mention. Try their Seafood Cobb Salad. Hell, try anything at all on their menu.

Hell, who am I kiddin’, if I ran an Alaskan Steakhouse, I would go all the way and bring the seafood lovers back with a lightly EVoo’d Daily Caught Halibut Steak sprinkled with my proprietary “seafood salt” and lemon, topped with simple bernaise and a couple of ounces of real King Crab legs, pushed through-shelled… not some cheap opilio. Served with gargantuan thumb sized white or green asparagus grown through the valley long days and short nights.

It sounded as though the OP’s friends & family occasionally like to get together for a splurge at a steak house. Rather than be a spoil sport, he goes along & tries to find something he can eat.

I checked menus of the high-end steak houses here in Houston. They all offer some seafood; fine seafood is a luxury item & we’re on the Gulf Coast here. (Although wild salmon from the Northwest & lobster from the Northeast seem to be the most common seafood.)

The OP just needs to check out the online menus of his local steakhouses so he’ll have some seafood-friendly options in mind whenever his pals start craving Red Meat!

Ask for whatever’s the freshest. As far as seafood is concerned, turnover is everything - especially in a place that doesn’t have much seafood turnover.

In my experience grilled Ahi Tuna is one of the more difficult ones to get just right. By “difficult” I mean “chancy”. When it’s good, it’s excellent but outside of a seafood restaurant there’s a decent chance it won’t be done just right.

What’s hard to screw up is Salmon (& Steelhead), Swordfish, Chilean Sea Bass, Grouper and Redfish.

Generally I don’t order seafood when I’m not in an area that has access to a very fresh catch but if you live inland then yeah, you might do a little online browsing beforehand and see what reviews favorably.

I would not do it. Even at an expensive place, there is a good chance that you might get something that has been frozen for weeks.
I have noticed that many steakhouses advertise their “lobster” as South African or Austarlian “rock lobster” tails-in my experience, you might as well eat fake crabmeat-that stuff is tasteless.
Ordering seafood in a steakhouse is like ordering a hamburger in a Chinese restauarnt.

I would go with the chicken instead of the fish. Me, I had lasagna.

The only seafood I usually eat at a true steak house (not one of those that claims to be a steakhouse but 7/8 isn’t even beef) is the shrimp. I am more likely to try chicken or go veggie for the night.

While I’ve never been to the likes of Luger’s, other places often seem to have a fish or seafood item of the day. Comes in handy if you forgot about your plans and had a big lunch.

whatever it is,just be sure to order some milk from the bar.