Steak or sushi?

Urbanspoon (restaurant review site) published a post today on the steak/sushi index, analyzing how the fortunes of steak vs. sushi reflect larger political questions.

That’s not what I’m asking about, but it’s kind of interesting in a “fun, non-serious analyses of politics” kind of way.

Nope, what caught my fancy was a simple binary question: Which do you prefer, steak or sushi?

At first, I thought this was an easy choice: sushi. But while I eat sushi more often than steak, I probably enjoy an individual meal of good steak more than I do an individual meal of good sushi.

And I think that level of enjoyment – a craving for higher peaks of pleasure – means that I’d rather give up sushi and keep eating steak. But I’m glad I can continue to eat both.


Probably sushi. I love unagi.

I like sushi fine, but the answer is “steak.”

I agree, I eat sushi more often than steak, and would put a top-flight steak meal on a higher pedestal than a top-flight sushi meal.

That said, steak is easier to get by in my book – meaning a relatively cheap steak done well (not well done) is still enjoyable, but the dropoff point from “okay sushi” to putting it down and not eating another bite is pretty steep.

Steak by a billion miles. I don’t care for 99% of seafood, and that includes most sushi.

On my current diet, my doctor would I rather eat steak than sushi. :smiley:

Sushi. As much as I love a good steak, I think it’s the variety of sushi that keeps me coming back. There’s a sushi place just down the street from my office, and I eat lunch there at least four times a week… but there’s no way I could eat steak that often- I’d get tired of it.

At least with sushi, there’s so much variety that, if I get tired of one type, I can always switch to a different type for a while. You can’t really do that with steak.

I’ll just use bouv’s answer for mine.

How about this guy?

C’mon, you know you secretly want to do this.

Sushi. I have always loved it, from the moment I first tasted it 20+ years ago.

Properly prepared steak is an acquired taste for me. Though I have come to enjoy it, I was seriously turned off by meat with even a hint of pink until my 40s.

Ooh, hard one. If I absolutely had to choose, I’d choose sushi, I guess.

Sushi. No contest. I actually hate buying steak in restaurants. I can make damn fine steak in my oven at home, provided I get the right cut of meat, so why pay more to have someone else cook it? I can’t do that with sushi.

ouryL, just wondering, but in what kind of diet is steak more preferable than sushi?

Steak, no doubt about it.

I don’t like sushi at all. I cannot eat cold rice. <shudder>

Sushi, because there isn’t a (palatable) vegetarian version of steak, while I can get veg maki about anywhere.

Absolutely sushi, hands down. I don’t really like beef and seldom eat it–if I have a craving for a chunk of burned meat I’ll go for lamb or roast pork any day over a steak. Sushi is food of the gods, when the sushi fit is on me nothing, and I mean NOTHING can possibly substitute for it. The same cannot be said for steak.

Now if the choice is “sushi or ANY large chunk of animal flesh cooked caveman style” then I might have a problem!

At home, steak. At restaurants, sushi.

I’m with you 100%

I really don’t recall having cold sushi rice. More like room temperature. And I can’t really decide between steak and sushi. It’s like having to decide between children.

Sushi. Steak makes me sleepy. It seems the more and more my youth slips away between my fingers, the more susceptible I am to feeling sleepy after even fairly moderate meals.

I honestly don’t think I could choose.

If you put a gun to my head, I would have to eat the bullet, I think.