Sushi is...

Yes, I’m doing this. I’m making only two, wildly general, “black and white”, choices with no happy medium. Forgive me if your answer would be different than the two choices here, but if neither of them applies to you, then either just choose the one closest to what would apply to you or just don’t vote.
For example: If you don’t have a problem with sushi and can, at least, tolerate it in most shapes or forms, you’d go with “delicious”. If you pretty much hate it or won’t eat it ever, you’d go with “disgusting”.
Just wanted a very narrow, blunt answer on this one. Forcing a pretty solid opinion here…that is, unless you refuse to vote, that’s your right.

For me, it’s an easy “delicious”

Beyond delicious. I could give up every other cuisine and have just sushi for the rest of my days.

Why is there a second option in the poll? This is like asking is water wet, yes or no?



Guess who cast the dissenting vote? :slight_smile:

Ha! Good one!


Disgusting. Stuff from the ocean tastes like the ocean. Which is full of fish poo.

Agree. Though there is fishless sushi. Or maybe it’s called something else.

Anyway, I can’t eat any type of seafood. If it lives in the water, forget it.

… not equivalent to “Japanese Food”.

I was just thinking this yesterday. I was having lunch with a friend, and asked: what do you feel like having. Answer: sushi. But we weren’t going for sushi, we were going for Japanese Food. Seems like lots of people equate the two.

Otherwise, sushi would be great if it didn’t have wasabi. I love sashimi, but can’t abide the taste of wasabi.

Delicious. If it’s cooked. I’ve never been able to tolerate the texture of the raw fish. But there are a lot of choices with cooked seafood, and even beef and chicken. There’s something for everyone.

Perhaps my favorite meal, period.

(Though obviously one I don’t indulge in often because of the cost)

Place in town is “All You Can Eat” for $16! And it is really good!

Delicious, except when people insist on shoving avocado (the devil’s pap smear) into the rolls.

Asking if you like sushi is like asking if you like soup. There are some styles/ types that I think are amazing, and others that I would hesitate to eat even if I were starving.

(No, I don’t know the names. I am a point-at-the-one-I-want kusojijii who can’t be bothered to learn the names or any Japanese at all.)

Sushi is.



Word to this. It disgusts me on every level - taste, texture and smell. Factor in the scavenger/sea bug aspect and I honestly can’t see how anyone eats anything that lives in water.

Sushi is an elaborate practical joke played on the world by the Japanese. Good on you, Japan, but you didn’t get me.

Won’t eat it raw and I don’t like most cooked fish of any kind.

It smells great, it looks pretty, but…mouth feel. Ugh. Cook it and I’ll eat it by the plateful.

I can’t do an oyster bar, either. Same reason. The mouth feel of raw seafood.