Oregon dopers, want to be a millionaire?

Then just check out this Craigslist job posting.

And when you do make it big, remember who gave you the info in the first place. :smiley:

I’d try to get in on this amazing offer myself, but I have, what do you call it? Oh yeah, skepticism. That’s the word for it.

I’m not a code monkey. I learned BASIC in middle school and had one class using VBasic in my one year of college. That was way back in the 90s. Otherwise, I’d be all over this. I really need a job.

How could you possibly resist this?

After all, it is “definatly the most innovative idea out there.” (sic)

And the specs are quite detailed: “We need the whole shabang”

That’s the spirit. But you need to lengthen the first quote to include:

A glorified blog. Wow! Nothing like that exists on the Internet. If I were Mark Zuckerberg I would be shaking in my boots.

I am totally on this. In no way does it sound like a bunch of 19 year old Beaverton whitebread stoner-hipsters with more money than brains at all!

And don’t forget the founders of Twitter, tumblr, etc. I’m sure they are all afraid, yes, very afraid.


They’ve been in the trenches for THREE YEARS!

I always find the best way to recruit high-end, creative, hardworking employees is to give them the opportunity to work for free, trusting in the fact that this will be the NEXT BIG THING and we will be MILLIONAIRES, even though I myself don’t believe enough in it to spend one red dime of my own money on the idea. Because, you know, if it’s a really good idea, why spend cold, hard cash on it?

I like how the pay is a percentage of the company TBD. That’s the vaguest salary I’ve ever heard of.

I wonder if they need an old crank to sit around grumbling. I’m going to check it out, fer shure.