Orgasm at the click of a button

This news story:

talks about a doctor who is patenting an electronic device that is implanted into a woman and allows the nerves to be stimulated in such a way as to cause an orgasm. The cost is $15,000 US. Anybody willing to pay this much for the benefits?

So, basically, your question is if anyone’s willing to pay? That’s not a General Question, which has a factual answer-- It’s a poll, to see what others think of something. As such, it belongs in our In My Humble Opinion forum. I’ll move it there for you.

'da wimmens get all 'da luck!

First multiple orgasms…and now -electronic- orgasms? :wink:

If I were a woman–I wouldn’t bother with it. Why pay $15,000 for something that a good man would be willing to give for free?


Wasn’t there once a lab experiment where some mice had their pleasure centers wired to an electrical switch? They’d press the switch, their pleasure centers got stimulated, and they had orgasms. Supposedly the mice kept pressing the switch until they died from dehydration…?

To quote from the article:

So, this applies to us menfolk as well. I have to admit, it’d be pretty tempting.[ul][li]Boring staff meetings.[]Stuck in a long commute.[]Those damn chick-flicks she always drags you to.[]Celebrating a successful event in the sport of your choice. (Touchdown! Woo! click Oh god, oh god, WOOOOOO!)[]And just those long stretches between girlfriends.[/ul]So, if we’re talking $15k for one, and assuming no additional cost for maintenance, you could get three orgasms a day for over thirteen years at the cost of one buck per pop. And most guys would probably hold down the button anyway, so you’d get your money’s worth in far fewer than thirteen years.[/li][sub]And to think I started off this post only half-serious, but by now I may have convinced myself…[/sub]

Yeah, LNO, but you forget–with us menfolk there’s a pesky cleanup operation which would follow each successful operation of the machine. Try getting away with that unnoticed at your next boring board meeting.

Uh, I can get a good vibrator for $29.95 and wouldn’t have to undergo major surgery.

Even figuring in the cost of batteries, I think I’d still make out in the end.


They’ve invented the droud!


[I’m sure *somebody* will get that reference!]

comedian Robert Altman called this the “blast-off button” in one of his routines c. 1987.

Baloo: good one!

I’m gonna be a killjoy and answer seriously. I’m guessing that the device would only be of interest to people who have trouble reaching orgasm. Orgasms are nice, but they’re a small fraction of the pleasure.

Hey, Baloo, what we really need is a tasp. Thank what the gun lobby would have to say about that!

One word, Duke: Depends™

My main concern about this invention is just what others have hinted at: look what the droud did to Louis Wu for twenty years.

On the other hand, an addict will find any addiction, and I guess this one has fewer health, financial or social problems associated with it. If you have 15 grand to begin with, anyway.

And Duke, I’d guess that an orgasm produced this way would not necessarily be accompanied by an ejaculation. Especially if you could set it off every few minutes.