Origin of 3.Profit!

Step 1. Do this
Step 2. Do this unrelated thing
Step 3. Profit!

Where’s this from?

It is from the South Park episode wherein Tweak’s underpants drawer is repeatedly pillaged by the nefarious Underpants Gnomes. When they are discovered, they present their business plan:

  1. Steal underpants.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

The Underpants Gnomes all made the fatal mistake of assuming some other Underpants Gnome knew what step two was supposed to be.

Well, that answers that! Mahalo!

Are you sure it didn’t predate south park? I seem to remember it in the late 90s on message boards like fuckedcompany when all those idiotic internet companies were around.

That episode first aired in 1998. Plenty of time for fuckedcompany.com to have a ball with it. :slight_smile:

Heh… I didn’t realize that episode was so old.

Besides, fuckedcompany.com’s business plan was:

  1. Get on the internet.
  2. IPO.

It was a perfect summary of the dot-com boom business plans:

Make website

Just in the interest of completeness, the South Park ep this is from is called Gnomes, and first aired December 16, 1998. And the jittery kid’s name is spelled Tweek.

Too much methamphetamine, no doubt.

Caffeine, his dad owns a coffee shop. (All though meth is what it’s supposed to look like).