Origin of the name "Aoniken"

The only person who I know has this name is an Argentine tango dancer and the google hits I found mostly refer to him again. But most Argentine names are Spanish or Italian and this seems to be something completely different. Various name website didn’t yield any results. Does anyone have any idea of the origins/ethnic background of this name? Unless, of course, it’s a one-off that his parents made up.

“Aoniken” is an alternate name for the indigenous Argentinian language Tehuelche.

It originated with the Skywalker family, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way.

Wow. Is that four extant speakers?

Hmmmm, I guess he’s either named for a language or perhaps the alternate name for that language also means something in that language. Or maybe it also means something like “person of that tribe/ethnic group”. I think the origin question has been answered by this anyway.