Original art: my early father's day present.

My wife commissioned an artist friend of hers to create this. The picture shows my 3-year-old son and his favorite stuffed animal (a meerkat) as superheroes. It’s probably the coolest gift I have ever been given. The art was delivered as a computer file, which my wife sent to zazzle to get blown up to poster size. It’s 24’ by 36’, and it’s going to look great in my geeky computer room.

That is wicked cool.

So cute! Monkey looks like a modern-day Christopher Robin!

Yeah, that is darn cool!

That is awesome! Can you do other things with the file? I’d be tempted to use it on note cards, calendars, gift wrap, book covers, etc.

The gift wrap idea is good! Also, it’s almost certainly going to end up in a calendar. Every year my wife creates a family calendar with images from the previous year, and this will likely be the “June” pic.