Origins Game Fair 2013

The Event list - the first draft, anyway - went up yesterday. Who’s going?

I’ll be there for the whole shootin’ match. I’m part of a group who’s been playing “organized play” RPGs (like the old RPGA) together online for over a decade; as many of us as possible try to meet up at Origins and / or GenCon every summer, so we can play face-to-face for a change. :slight_smile:

Thus, my dance card for the con will be mostly, if not entirely, filled with Living Forgotten Realms, Legends of Arcanis, and (if there’s room) Pathfinder Society.

Heh. See, those living campaigns are usually only good for one thing, for me - quick deletions from my potential event list. But more power to you! I’m planning to do a lot of board game events this year that I’ve been putting off trying.

Indeed, it’s sort of a niche appeal. For me, it’s as much about playing with my friends as anything else. :slight_smile: I could probably fill two weeks’ worth of slots with things that I’d like to try (indie RPGs, board games, etc.), but prioritization happens.

Liz and I will be there. Probably doing LARPs. We typically LARP with Elder Entertainment and Kettle of Fish.

I’ve never been a LARPer, either, but every year there’s a couple of them that don’t get cut out of my schedule until the last pass. The Doctor Who one looks kind of fun, and I’m intrigued by the ‘Nyarlathotep in Miss Jones’ one.

I’ve done the Miss Jones one. It premiered at GenCon 2011.

As far as the Dr. Who one, it’s a sequel to the one they did last year at Origins. I played in that one as a London police detective who eventually gets recruited into the Time Agents after they make life a bit difficult for him. (Particularly when one of them impersonates him.) The time agents were played by Liz and a mutual friend of ours. The friend deciding to impersonate my character was a smart thing on his character’s part, but it definitely screwed with my character’s world a bit. (Among other things they did. It’s hard to be a pre-industrial British cop going up against advanced technology wielded by those who while meaning you know real harm want to keep you out of the way.)

They might bring our three characters back for this one. Should be fun.

And the Miss Jones one was fun as well.

Two weeks left!

I have decided I am going to do a costume this year. At least for one day, possibly two.