Orlando FL walk in range

So, I’m going to Disney for Christmas and, naturally, my thoughts turn to guns.

Generally, are there gun clubs/ranges in the US that you can go to for a day or less to pistol shoot. I’ve done a brief search with no joy, but if someone can confirm that such places might exist then I’ll have another go.

Even better would be if anyone knows specifically of such a place in Orlando, FL.

I know basic gun safety and wouldn’t go waving it around. Of course, the clubs don’t know that in advance, so I suspect that’ll be the deal-breaker. Also, I’d obviously have to borrow club weapons (again, I’m not sure if that’s possible in the US).

Here is a list of ranges in FL. Many if not most have rental guns available. I know the Shoot Straight range in Apopka does, as well as the East Orange range in Orlando.

And here’s a link to East Orange

You star. Thanks for that.

So it seems that clubs are happy to have people that they don’t know come in and will even let them hire weapons. I’ll email Straight Shoot for more details.

Thanks again.

Bromley, most ranges in the US do not operate as a “club” as you know it in the UK. Most ranges are gun shops, open to the public, with an adjacent range. Most rent firearms so you can try before you buy.

You say you know basic gun safety, but if you are unfamiliar with the operation of the firearm, just let them know and they will very likely help you out and guide you in the first few minutes until you are comfortable.